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  1. Aroomie

    Bunny litter

    Me again!! So... I have a question (obviously, all I have is questions :p). I have researched this a lot, and I get somewhere between confirming to hypothetical answers. The question is!! Can a rabbit mom have two different litters at two different stages of gestation? Reason for this...
  2. Aroomie

    Bunny chair?

    I wasn't sure what to title this thread, lol, but! I have been doing some research online, and have lots of ideas on what I should do for two of my little bunnies. But I wanted to ask: Does anyone have bunnies with missing limbs? If so... Could you share ideas/pictuers on how they can move...
  3. Aroomie

    First time Bunny mom

    Here's a question... My Angora recently had her first littler, it was a bit of a rough start because I had NO idea she was pregnant. (Her fur made it so hard to tell). She is 8-9 months in age. She was moved into a burrow house that I have, and everything was going very well! Her babies were...