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  1. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    Seeking info on Molar Spurs

    One of my customers just called saying that Claudio (a 4 month old Mini Rex buck) hasn't been acting right since last night. She said he typically does cage races & Binky's when they come home, but last night he was just sitting in the corner & didn't look right. Her Fiance let him out to...
  2. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    Babies Born? April 9th - April 15th

    We LOVE pictures if you have any! ~Sunshine
  3. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    Babies Born? April 2nd - April 8th

    Post your litter announcements - We LOVE pictures if you have any! ~Sunshine
  4. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    Any Babies Born: March 26th - April 1st?

    Let's keep up with those little ones! :bunnydance: Post your litter announcements - We LOVE pictures if you have any! ~Sunshine
  5. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry


    What show's did you attend & how'd your bunsdo? We'd love to hear all about it!
  6. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    The world of Genetics - The "A" Series

    For additional genetic references, you can referto this thread -ColorGenetics (Pictures courtesy of The National Mini Rex Rabbit Club,SunnieBunnie Rabbitry, & Falls-AcreRabbitrywebsites. Please do not borrow, copy, or use any photo's in any wayfrom this thread - special permission wasgranted...
  7. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry


    We love seeing all the pictures of the shows our members attend... let's see how we're stacking up with others in our show placings! What show's did you attend & how'd your bunsdo?
  8. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    Animal Planet Episode

    I just saw acommercial forAnimal Planet Heroes Phoenix, it airs tonight at 10pm on AnimalPlanet. The commercial was about a "crazy", "out of control"rabbit breeder. I know I like watching rabbit topic shows (there's so few andfar between)... I'm also interested to see what was deemed to be...
  9. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    It was a sad Easter day...

    This Easter past, 2 Bunnies were left offat mydoorstep due to their owner's daughter no longer havinginterest in them - they were no longer "cute & cuddly babybunnies"so she had no interest in keeping them. :( From the information I was able to get, they were pet store /swap meet bunnies...
  10. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    The Baby Bunny Journal... 1st Edition

    The Lynx Mini Rex Growth Journal I'm takingthese pictures of this little guy for hisfuture owner... I promised him daily pics so he can literally "watchhis baby grow". Even though he's not with his baby on a dailybasis, he doesn't have to miss out on anything in it's early life:). I know how...
  11. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    I've done did changed my mind...

    Well, I've done did changed my mind, I think... On Monday there will be a gentleman coming over to take a lookat some of the bunnies I have in the nestbox. He is a CollegeSenior who has been feeling a little lonely and did not want as "big"of a responsibility as a dog or cat.He did somereading...
  12. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    Slightly O/T: Haven't posted in a while...

    Hi Again Dear Friends! It's been a while since I've posted and visited theboard. Now that I'm back, I feel awfully guilty for my recentgood fortune now thatI'mfinding out there's beensometerrible unspeakable tragedies and losses while I wasaway. First and foremost ~ my deepest condolences...
  13. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    A Possible Treat???

    What are your thoughts on Dried Cranberries as anextra treat this winter? My forever loving,generous,thoughtfulGrandmother decided tooverload me withTONS of dried Cranberries this year. I can't seem to pawnthem off to anyone else (she's been generous to the, and I would hate...
  14. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    A day at SunnieBunnie Rabbitry...

    Been a while since I posted,but nothing really interesting has happened until today... (sorry ifit's long) So, I was out doing my round of breedings today. Started out nothing out of the ordinary... got onedoe bred, she needed a little time with the buck to "get in the mood",no problem - 3 hits...
  15. SunnieBunnie Rabbitry

    My Panda-bunny

    Hi all ~ I wanted to introduce my Panda-bunny. It seems like everyone enjoys pictures, so here she is: And here istheonly survivingpicture of myvery first bunny, Sugar. I got her when I was in 6th gradeand she lived 9 long happy years. ~Sunshine