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  1. Abi :)

    Pellet Free Diet?

    Hey guys, I was on instagram this morning and I saw this post about a pellet free diet. The woman claimed to be an exotic vet that specialised in rabbits as well, and she said that rabbits over the age of 6 months shouldn't be fed pellets or alfafa. Obviously no alfafa after 6 months makes sense...
  2. Abi :)

    Name Suggestions?

    Hey guys, We are going to adopt a male mini lop and are looking for some name suggestions, :) I was thinking about the name Mocha but i would love to hear some more <3
  3. Abi :)

    Preparing for new bun!

    Hey guys! We have been looking for a partner for Bambi ever since her partner passed away, we have spoken to several shelters for months and we finally found somebun! His name is Louie and he is a mini lop around 2 years old. The shelter had him neutered yesterday so he needs to recover so he...
  4. Abi :)

    Cleaning Scent Glands?

    Hey guys, I've only recently heard about people cleaning their bun's scent glands, is this something I should be doing? If so how would I do it 😂 Bambi is a very sassy bun and doesn't like being held whilst groomed or having her nails clipped.
  5. Abi :)

    Best brush for bun

    Hey guys, I have noticed Bambi had a few poos conjoined with hair so I did the usual, replaced hay, gave her a brush and a few herbs and she seems okay now, I'm beginning to wonder if the brush I have isn't that good because this has happened a few times. Right now I have this furminator-...
  6. Abi :)

    Bun has weird fur line

    Hey guys, I have noticed a weird fur line on Bambi its on her sides and it separates her darker fur from her lighter fur, it has been there for a long time and I still try to brush it incase it is a shedding line but it doesn't work 😂 I'll put a few pics below (Sorry they are a bit dark)...
  7. Abi :)

    Bun's poo is small after spaying

    Hey guys, Bambi was spayed yesterday and was kept at the vet overnight to monitor her (as they noticed she wasn't eating and didn't want her to go into stasis), anyway we brought her back home this afternoon and she has been eating and is slowly getting back to normal, I went to check her...
  8. Abi :)

    Bun staying overnight after spay

    Hey guys, today we had an appointment for Bambi's spay and when the vet called they said that the surgery went well but she isn't really eating so they want to keep her in overnight, they assured us she won't be left alone and will be syringe fed so she doesn't go into GI stasis, but I'm still...
  9. Abi :)

    Fur in buns poo

    Hey guys I was cleaning Bambi's home area and noticed two poops connected with fur, I got a bit worried so I topped up her hay and whilst she was eating I groomed her with the furminator and took out some of her shedding fur. She has been eating and drinking normally, as well as pooing normally...
  10. Abi :)

    What is the Myxo RHD PLUS vaccine?

    Hey guys I just got an email from my vet about a new vaccine for our bun that will be offered to us when we go for our booster, I'll leave the email below, but I've never actually heard about it and I'm a bit curious as to if any one has heard about it? I'm just curious! :) Here's the email-...
  11. Abi :)

    How can I improve bun's area?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to make some changes to make the area better for a new bunny! Basically I have a hutch that is 6ft by 5ft by 4ft (approximately) and the door is never closed so my bun uses it as a 'home base' and spends most of her time flopping inside. She has a little area outside her...
  12. Abi :)

    24/7 bonding or bunny dates?

    Hey guys, some of you might know that we are looking to adopt a bun friend for my single bun Bambi, originally we filled out an adoption form for a rex rabbit called Arthur who was honestly the handsomest (if that even is a word) rabbit I've ever seen lol, but unfortunately he was re-homed...
  13. Abi :)

    Is the VHD1 vaccine the same as the RHD vaccine?

    Hi guys, I'm looking into adopting a rabbit and one of the questions on the form is if our existing rabbit has had her VHD1 vaccine along with the two doses of RHD. I called my vet and the receptionist she said our rabbit has had both the doses of RHD and she said that she needed to confirm with...
  14. Abi :)

    How to get rid of dusty hay?

    Hey guys, I bought Small Pet Select hay for the first time and bought a 20lb box (just in case we couldn't buy hay in the future because of lockdown restrictions). It is by far the best hay I have ever bought and my bun loves it! But the thing I've noticed it that it can get quite dusty, I try...
  15. Abi :)

    Are homemade dried herbs safe?

    Hey guys, I have a rose bush outside our house and our bun likes to forage and dig a lot, especially with dried rose petals.The roses haven't had any pesticides or chemicals put on them at all, so the flowers are completely pesticide and chemical free, I was planning to wash the buds carefully...
  16. Abi :)

    Does the breed affect the bonds rabbits make?

    Hey guys, I am planning to get a husbun for Bambi in a few months (she is going to be spayed next month or so), and I was wondering if the type of breed of the rabbits affect the bond they make? Sorry this sounds so stupid! Bambi is a 9 month old mini lop and I have found a English Spot Rabbit...
  17. Abi :)

    Is it normal for bun to change colour?

    Hey guys, when we first got our mini lop she was a lot darker than she is now, and her fur has seemed to lighten, however around her back the fur is the same colour, is this normal? I'll attach some photos of her below... thanks in advance <3 (the first photo is a baby one, and the second was...
  18. Abi :)

    Is it safe for buns to play outside?

    Hey, I've seen some varied advice on allowing buns to play outside, some of which were very negative and even called it 'abusive' to allow rabbits to play outside in a run or on a harness, my bun used to be an outdoor bun but since we got her she hasn't been outside, she is a very curious bun...
  19. Abi :)

    Opinions on closed litter boxes?

    Hey guys, I was looking into getting my bun a hooded litter box (like one that a cat uses) from what I've read it is also very helpful as it has high sides and stops poo and hay being flung out of the litter box which is what happens to me now and it is a pain to pick up everyday (i use an...
  20. Abi :)

    Planning to bond bun in future... help!

    Hey guys, I don't have much experience bonding buns as our buns were already bonded, but unfortunately one of them passed away and now our female is alone, we are planning to adopt a male bun in the next few months and have our eyes on a few options, but I'm not sure if our bun will get...