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    pics of my new bunny

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    Is the nutrical that I need to use the one that is for dogs and cats?
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    Someone help me! My moms friend gave my new tinybunny a little tiny bit of iceberg lettuce and it now has diareah! Whatdo I do!?!?!? What can I give it!?!!?!? Help please!!??!?~!!?!? !
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    Got a new bunny!!!

    We went to the indoor swapmeet and we went intothe petstore, they had a bunny there that must only be about 4 weeksold....So we got it! Because it was so small and we didnt want it toget into the wrong hands. But it has a tiny cold with a little yellowdischarge but has a clean bottom and clear...
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    Need bunny transportation help in CA

    I am supposed to be getting Rowenas Dutch Bunthat she needs to find a home for, but the problem is that we areabout 6 hours apart. We need help transporting him fromMoteray CA to Orange County CA, Let me know if you can help. Thank you in advance. :)
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    O/T two dead mice!

    My female mice had 3 babies yesterday, and lastnight the male got into the cage and killed all three babies! I am soupset so We let him go outside, this isnt the first time he has donesomething very bad and upsetting though. The poor babies :bigtears: It was a terrible scene.
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    OT rude e-mails

    I posted for a friend because she wanted to sellher dwarf hotot. I man e-mailed me and wanted to use him tobreed to Lops. I said no, she doesnt want him bred. And now hes likeGOOD I would have fed him to A snake anyways. And he said He is goingto get me kicked off yahoo..just because my friend...
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    O/T War of the Worlds

    Has anyone seen this movie? I saw it yesterday,it was REALLY good. But really intense. Tom Cruise was really good init. and Dokota Fanning is a really good little actress!
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    still looking for a holland lop

    I am still looking for a holland lop, but had no such luck.:(
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    need help about where to put bunny for vacation

    We are going to Europe for four weeks leaving ontuesday. I dont know what to do with Twinky. I have no friends thatdont have dogs, and I;m not allowed to leave his cage in the house, andwe dont have a hutch for him! What to do?And its too hot to leave hiscage in the shed!~
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    o/t I am SO upset!

    Yesterday a little neighbor girl came over andwent into my room, she decided she wanted to hold the mice, she putTHREE FEMALES in with TWO MALES ! I called her mother and told her theywill have around 30 new bundles of joy to take care of, hold, feed, andfind new homes. I am SOOO Mad there is...
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    O/T Persian Cat

    My friend has persian cats, but there eyes arealways dirty (the cats are white) how do you clean the stains fromaround the eyes?
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    Bugs won't eat much

    After the unfortunate accident with the dog andthe surgery Bugs wont eat very much. Is there anything I can give her?Or any certain food. Help please.
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    OMG DUMB DOG!!!!

    Yesterday morninga large male husky got into my yard and started trying to rip apart therabbit hutches right in front of me, He pulled the bottom down a littlebit on Bugs' cage, so I grabbed a baseball bat, a pan and and pipe andstarted beating the stupid dog it wouldnt go away and It BIT ME! My...
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    Lop breeders

    Does anyone know of any Lop breeders in S. California?
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    I'm getting a new bunny in july!

    I am getting a new bunny in July as a lategratuation gift, I was going to get one this week but we are travelingto England on june 20th and I dont want to leave a new bunny withsomeone else. lol! I am most likely going to get a mini lop. I waslooking at one today and it was so small and...
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    OT Todays my birthday!

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    Im so happy!!!

    If I can find one near me, I am going to get aFlemish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am soExcited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:shock2: Does anyone know where I can find one in Southern CA? I already looked on petfinder.
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    Just got off the phone with the vet

    I just made Twinky an appt. for his neuter, itis on Wednesday. Is this a good price?...$99 for the exam and theneuter? The vet does around 4 rabbit neuters per month. But the lowestamount he does per month is anout 2. Does this sound good to you guys?:?
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    Bunny needs a new home in Orange County CA

    My sister needs to find her rabbit Tod a newhome. He is 6 months old. He is a big boy. His father is a dwarf Hototand his mother is ....shoot i forgot her breed but I will post it whenI ask my sis. He needs to find him a home soon. He is free to a lovinghome. He comes with some supplies. Pm me...