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  1. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Housing rabbits together

    Hi! If I were to have two female rabbits from the same litter live together would that be fine? I heard it was only males that fight but I'm not sure if I would potentially have to spay them. Thanks!
  2. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Caring for a rabbit after neuter

    Hi! So this morning my rabbit, Charlie was neutered. The vet just said to make sure he's eating and talked about making sure he doesn't chew/lick the stitches. I looked at his stomach but I don't see the stitches. Where is that located? Is there anything special I should know? So far he's...
  3. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Raspy breathing

    I've just noticed my 2 year old holland lop is breathing really weird. It's kind of raspy/wheezy and he moves his head when he makes the noise. When I move him he stops for a little while and he stops every once in a while but it's pretty constant, other then the breathing he is perfectly normal...
  4. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Rabbit pellets

    I'm ordering Sherwood Forest for my pet adult buns and I'm wondering which to get. The first label is the adult pellets that is supposed to be fed unlimited and the second label is the pellets that you limit and feed with hay and veggies. Which would you guys suggest? Either way, I'll be...
  5. iLuvMyLilBuns

    fur mite treatment

    My holland lop bun has fur mites and I don't know where online to order revolution or which one to order.. the vet says there is one made for rabbits?.. If anyone could send me a link to the revolution that would work for him that would be great. Also what's the exact dosage for him, he's 3 lbs...
  6. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Fur mites???

    Just in time for the state fair!! :/ we're leaving on Wednesday and I'm showing Linus there. He was looking very nice & I'm not sure how I hadn't noticed this before but he's starting to loose fur in one spot and there's A LOT of dandruff/flaking... sorry the picture isn't very good. Are fur...
  7. iLuvMyLilBuns

    BEW Holland Lops

    I'm thinking of getting into BEW holland lops, I'm picking up a doe on Tuesday that's more pet. Here's a pic of her sister (I asked for a pic of her but the breeder said she looks just like her sister just smaller) Like I said she isn't show quality but I think they're gorgeous, especially...
  8. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Xpen ideas

    Hi! I need some advice on what xpen to get for my holland lop bun. It will be in a small area so I don't want it very big and I would like the sides tall enough so he can't jump out. I found this one on amazon, will it work? Or what do you guys suggest? Do the sides come apart so I can make it...
  9. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Sherwood Forest

    Does anyone know the nutritional analysis of this food (% of fiber, protein, fat, etc) is it alfalfa or hay based? it's the pellet that's formulated to feed with hay and veggies. I'm debating between this and oxbow. Are they about the same? I'm leaning towards Sherwood Forest because it's all...
  10. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Small area housing ideas

    I'll be bringing my 2 1/2 year old holland lop indoors to live within the next few weeks :D He'll be in my bedroom, it's an average size. Not very big. I would love to just have him roam my bedroom and not have an "enclosure" for him but I've heard that having a cage especially at night is a...
  11. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Questions about rabbit and kit

    I didn't realize but one of my holland lop buns was pregnant. She hasn't shown any signs of pregnancy, she was a little aggressive but she hasn't ate a lot. Barely 1/3 cup of pellets a day and I fed her 1/3 cup last night and she hasn't finished that. Usually my does eat a lot but it's been very...
  12. iLuvMyLilBuns

    EMERGENCY -Please Help

    One of my 7 week old rabbit kits hind leg is either broken or dislocated I just took them out of their playpen and noticed it. I can post a picture but her leg is just dangling... I have never experienced this and have no idea what to do, plus I have someone who is buying this rabbit (they've...
  13. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Eye troubles

    I know I've made a few posts about this before but I haven't found an answer. My holland lop, Linus has had eye discharge since I got him in May. It looks white and is causing the fur around his eyes to be matted and hard. I've taken him to the vet multiple times. The last time I was there she...
  14. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Wet tail

    I've noticed lately that one of my buns (holland lop) tail and that area is wet with urine. Should I be worried? She's nursing a litter and they're almost 6 weeks old. She's eating/drinking fine she's just eating unlimited pellets and hay. She poops normally but sometimes has extra...
  15. iLuvMyLilBuns


    take this post down please!
  16. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Need to rant

    I know this is going to sound like I'm very irresponsible but two of my bunnies somehow managed to get out of their playpens today at the same time. I was home and looked out the window and saw one of my bucks laying in the grass so I went out and put him back in his playpen and then I realized...
  17. iLuvMyLilBuns

    3 week old buns

    Just thought I would share some pics of my holland lops :) there's 2 boys and 2 girls. I love this age, they're soo curious!
  18. iLuvMyLilBuns


    My bun had syphilis and today he got his last injection of penicillin and they injected it in the skin on his neck. the other two injections they put in his muscle. Does it make a difference, should he have another injection in his muscle? All the scabs on him are gone and he seems to be happy :)
  19. iLuvMyLilBuns

    ear mites

    Hi! So I currently have 9 bunnies and I think a few may have ear mites. Ive noticed flaking, crusts, and missing hair on the inside and edges of one of my buns and the other has flaking on the outside of his ear where there's fur. I also have a doe and she has dandruff/flaking and her babies...
  20. iLuvMyLilBuns

    Matting around eyes

    So my rabbit was recently diagnosed with syphilis and is being treated, he has his last injection of penicillin next week. All the scabs are gone but he has matting around his eyes. His fur is matted and stuck together with white discharge and it's hard, you can't really tell in the picture...