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    How do I get rid of the smell!!?

    I use peat moss. Cheap, very absorbent, the ph-level makes parasites less likely to breed and I have no smell issues despite my giant bunny (plus a tiny one) and a thin layer of bedding. I do clean once a day - it's easy to just shovel up the pee soaked litter and toss in the garden. I could get...
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    Bunny is terrified of harness!

    Like Hermelin said; start slower. You rushed it, even if you didn't mean to. Just lay it on his back. Give treats. Enough for day 1. Make sure bunny is calm every time before you proceed to a new step, and sitting quietly. The goal is never to get the harness on, its to get it on without them...
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    Rabbit drawings thread

    I recognize the paintings, but sad to say art history and artist names are not my strong suit..x) I will have to google a bit to find the originals. It's very nicely done and I think the students will be happy to see stuff that isn't just mine :P Thank you.
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    Rabbit drawings thread

    Super cool :) May I use this at work, as an example of paraphrasing a painting? My students will do that in a few weeks.
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    Rabbit drawings thread

    Thank you, Blue Eyes and Popsicles :D SableSteel: beautiful pieces of work both of them. Something with giving animals human asseccories is very intriguing.. What program do you use? I use Krita for most of my work, but the first one is made with rebelle3.
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    Can I have the opinion about dog crates...

    Thank you for clarifying. That was however the type of crate I was thinking about. I think it's too small to house a rabbit, especially a large rabbit. It's my opiion and opinions were asked for :) We don't crate dogs here, it's not a part of our culture and it's illegal to keep dogs...
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    Rabbits+Mice as pets?

    I've had rabbits and rats. When the rats got lose they would chase the rabbits. Other than that, I don't see a problem with housing rabbits and mice or other rodents in the same house, but they shouldn't interact. The scent might worry the bunnies at start.
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    Can I have the opinion about dog crates...

    I wouldn't keep a large rabbit in a dog crate other than for transport or by vet ordination. At least not any size dog crate I've seen. But I have a 103x220cm outdoor rabbit/chicken pen converted into an indoor cage. (well I have two put together, but I would find one to be enough for short...
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    Rabbit drawings thread

    I'm sorry if one exist and I missed it :) But do we have any other bunny artists here? These are some of my pictures. They are made digitally or with pastel. Show yours! :D
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    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    I updated my cage :) I got a second cage and attatched it to a long run. I've den "divided" it to two rooms (they move freely between the two rooms). My bunnies really devour books, all kinds of books, so I gave them a reading room with pillows, a little plant for atmosphere, books of couse and...
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    Help me decorate the run!!

    Plant a willow, or drill holes in a log or similar and put fresh willow branches there. It works as a treat (I have never met a bunny not eating fresh willow, and it's fibers and stuff so not too bad if they eat it instead of some of the hay as long as they're adjusted to fresh foods). I've...
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    Do your rabbits not jump?...aka how to keep rabbit in?

    Instead of, or as addition to, zip-ties you can use tape. The kind of thick plastic/rubbery "all purpose" tape found in hardware stores is great - slightly flexible so it won't break and durable and sticky if you roll it a few layers around the wires. It can be a little tricky to reach though...
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    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    Hi :) This will be my first post.. I got a new cage the other day for night time. They are free roaming 16 hours a day. I'm concidering to buy a second cage and connect them..I have the space for it and once I move to an appartment (as soon as I get a steady job) I might have to keep them...