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    New bunny!

    Long story short, this little bun somehow is my pet now! (I'm not arguing ;) Any name suggestions for this little boy? So far I like Leroy, Luca & Dexter. Any other suggestions?
  2. WillowRabbitry

    Could she be pregnant?

    To my calculations, my doe was due Wednesday or Thursday. It's now saturday and she hasn't had them yet. I am convinced she is pregnant because of her behavior and she seems bigger. She has not made a nest, but this is her first litter. It there a possibility she is pregnant or do I need to rebreed?
  3. WillowRabbitry

    Lop Ear Gene Inheritance?

    Not trying to be rude, but there are enough pet rabbits in the world. The reason we breeders breed our rabbits is to improve them. We breed for a reason. If you still want to breed rabbits, please buy two of the same type of rabbits from a well known breeder. If you want more information, just...
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    Bunny Boarding

    I would be willing to do it for free but I live in Michigan! If you find some way to transport him/her to me I would be more than willing to watch your bunny for a month! Good luck :)
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    Present from my Hubby

    Remington Phoenix Laiken Rome Atticus Lenox Dax Augustus Kiran Broghan Elias Leroy Brock Thaddeus Julius Gareth Augustus Callum Kiran Luca Those are my favorite boy rabbit names :) Let us know what you name him! And post more pics please he is soo cute <3
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    Creepy staircase ?!

    You can't really see the footprints in the powder or whatever it was but they were definitely there :/ :shock2:
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    Admit it, you once had a rabbit named...

    I love crazy and unique names :) Every single bunny I have ever had started with a B name except one... and it has always been on accident!! Lol! Their names are (including the ones that have gone to bunny heaven ;): Baxter, Jack, Benny, Bram, Bianca, Briar, Brinsley, Byron & Barlow. I am...
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    When do Lops ears drop?

    I think since she is still young she has a chance that they will drop more. She is super cute!
  9. WillowRabbitry

    Creepy staircase ?!

    I forgot to mention that the youth leader talked to the boys and they all promised it wasn't them. And it really couldn't have been because there was someone down there until we all left and the boys never went down there /weren't allowed to because it was the girls room. Also in the van the...
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    Creepy staircase ?!

    I have had two encounters with spirits, ghosts, etc. One was good and one was bad. Good: When I was around 8 years old (the only child - my mom had had several miscarriages when I was 3-6 years old) I was in my bedroom when I saw 4 dark figures. One represented my dad, one my mom, and one me...
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    Potential surprise

    If you get Miranda spayed, I'm pretty sure it will terminate the pregnancy.
  12. WillowRabbitry

    Should I be concerned about the kits?

    I bred my doe (Barlow) and my buck (Byron), They were completely healthy. About a week later, on thanksgiving, Byron got super sick in the morning. There weren't any doctors or vets open because we live in a super small city. We syringed fed him and he was doing better. He still had VERY bad...
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    Please Help ~ Urgent :)

    What facebook groups do you 'suggest' haha?
  14. WillowRabbitry

    Please Help ~ Urgent :)

    I am a breeder in Southern Michigan and my sweet buck just died sadly. I found a beautiful blue bunny in Indiana but unfortunately I can't drive that far. Is anybody from Floyd's Knobs Indiana that is driving up North a little way? That would be sooo helpful! I will give you back the money for...
  15. WillowRabbitry

    Two new rescues, what are they?

    The first rabbit is a lionhead/jersey wooly. Not sure which one. So cute! The 2nd one is a poorly bred holland lop or mini lop... Probably a mix.