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  1. whiskylollipop

    She WILL NOT be picked up

    Most buns are extremely against being handled, she's a very normal bunny. Rabbits haven't been domesticated for very long, and as prey animals their natural instinct is to avoid being grabbed or they might get eaten. Some people believe that any bunny can be trained to accept being handled, but...
  2. whiskylollipop

    Dog Crate

    The larger the better! At minimum, enough head room for him to stand up on his tippy toes and room length/breadthwise for three large hops from one end to the other.
  3. whiskylollipop

    Thumper buries his face in my neck?

    Haha, that's adorable. She's displaying bunny dominance. Dominant bunnies push their head under the necks of lower-ranked bunnies to demand some head grooming. Usually the submissive bunny will then clean the top of dominant bun's head. You have a very confident, bossy bun!
  4. whiskylollipop

    Sweet dreams, Rosey.

    Today, for the first time ever, I caught Merlin and Sasha full on snuggling like Merls and Rosebun used to. There were even kisses and bunny grooms being exchanged, and Sasha using Merlin's head as a fluffy pillow on which to fall asleep. Made happy and made me miss you, my big dumb silly food...
  5. whiskylollipop

    Skin Issue

    I'm not sure it's possible for grooming to cause a bald spot...unless your brush is really yanking on his hair? I guess he could just be a dramatic shedder and shed out a full bald spot. But the skin looks okay to me, not inflamed or flaky or any other warning signs. Bunny skin is very delicate...
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    The Diaries of Merlin Puffsbottom and Naja Seraphina

    Nothing better than finding yourself in sitting by the bunny pen for 20 minutes twice a day, hand-feeding pellets ONE. BY. ONE. to two hungry hungry bunnies. Why am I in this special level of bun mum hell, you ask? Why don't you ask Merlin. He's decided to be a little bastard this week and...
  7. whiskylollipop

    My bunny is eating dog food!

    Could you raise the dog food up off the ground on a box or something that your dog can reach but the bunny can't? Agree that it's not good for him at all. Silly bun!
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    My rabbit seems to have a skin condition?

    Oh poor bunny! It's probably a fairly serious mite infestation, which he can very easily catch if he goes outside without being treated with mite/flea prevention, much like any dog or cat. Go to a local vet for kitten Revolution flea treatment (normal Revolution if he's bigger than ~5lbs). Not...
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    US cilantro (coriander) may be contaminated

    From KWWL/AP: More than 380 in US sickened by cilantro-linked infection Posted: Aug 05, 2015 10:48 AM NZST Updated: Aug 05, 2015 10:48 AM NZST By DAVID PITT Associated Press DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Two U.S. agencies say more than 380 people in 26 states have...
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    4 month old bunny dragging rear legs

    Sounds like trouble with urine scald, which I guess is related to his walking/dragging (not sure) but I'd take him to a vet to check him over properly. Urine scald either indicates he is incontinent, or something is wrong with his urinating posture that makes his pee dribble down his legs...
  11. whiskylollipop

    My rabbuts have never molted

    You are lucky! Some rabbits have very gentle molts, where some fur comes off but not in huge chunks so it's barely noticeable. You may notice slightly more fur coming off as winter ends, but if that's the extent of your bun's shedding then you are a fortunate bun mom indeed.
  12. whiskylollipop

    The Diaries of Merlin Puffsbottom and Naja Seraphina

    Hi guys! So, as you may have guessed, life got busy and I haven't been on this site in ages. We've got a new family member, Titus the blue tongued skink. He is 7 months old and about 44cm/17in long. Here's a photo of him at around 4 months old. Happily, Merlin and Sasha are still rocking on...
  13. whiskylollipop

    Runt or Peanut? Picture attached

    Oh poor baby! Urine scald for sure, that looks so inflamed and painful. Good on you for taking her to the vet, hopefully there's some cream they can prescribe that will help heal her skin.
  14. whiskylollipop

    My Bunny Smells

    Is he neutered? Intact, mature boy buns do have quite a bit of "man musk".
  15. whiskylollipop

    Rabbit walking strange after spay

    That is strange. I'm thinking something about her surgery site may be hurting or chafing her if she hops normally. Is she still doing this? Can you put up a video?