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    Mini Rex Litter :)

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    Introducing Sky

    what breed? Very pretty coloring!
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    Mini Rex Help?

    I am not going to be looking here in Texas for Mini Rex, I am moving to the east coast in about a month and will be looking there for some. I have been looking around at some breeders and have found a few that seams great, one in particular that I seam to like has ALL her bunnies ARBA registered...
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    Mini Rex Help?

    I really like the way they look, there fur, there size, and from what I have heard, there personalities :) Thats the breed I want and thats that. Thats why I asked for help on that specific breed. Thanks for the help so far, anything else I should know would be helpful. I am doiong my...
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    Mini Rex Help?

    Since I couldn't keep Liam anymore, I am bunny-less ( you can read about it here: ) Anyways, I don't plan to get any bunnies anytime soon BUT I think I eventually want to breed them :) I LOVE mini rex and would like to breed them...
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    Falling Apart & Coming Together

    :grumpy: Everything right now seam's to suck...well, most everything anyways. We are moving across the country and we have been planning to drive therefor Liam (my only bunny left) could come with, I was just going to put him in a small cage in the car. Well, that's not the case anymore. We are...
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    Pics of my newly adopted Bun :) and the new cage/pen set up :)

    awesome buns and setups! :) Good job, and Im sure they are happy and spoiled!
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    The Natty News

    cant wait to see them, what colors?
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    Clyde & Puck(New Bun)

    Beautiful bunnies, and the tube thing lol thats funny :)
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    How to Breed?

    Thanks guys, im just going to continue to research :)
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    How to Breed?

    Ok, this is JUST out of curiosity encase I ever decide I want to actually breed bunnies. Which if I ever did, it wouldn't be for a very long time but I just want to do a little research on it first. But anyways, I wanted to know, How do you actually breed rabbits? -Do rabbits come into heat...
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    Hamm's New Cage is Done!

    These cages are HARD to make, You are so right Barking Pup it really is blood, sweat, and tears to make one!
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    Leia and Friends

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    Meet George!

    Kobie :)
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    So close, yet so far away...PIC ADDED!!!

    Oh man!!!!!!!! That suuuckkkkkssssss :( Im sorry, but youll be able to get his teeth all better and Im sure he will WIN next time! And yes, pics pleaaaase!