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    2 adopted bunnies :)

    So glad you kept them both! Rabbits and guinea pigs are like potato chips, you can't have just ONE! LOL! We have 5 mini rex rabbits and a heard of guinea pigs. (We are showing them for 4H)
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    anyone have guinea pigs?

    ok I know this is a rabbit forum, but I also have guinea pigs and wondered if others did too. you see,this morning I was going about my rabbit and piggie chores and I noticed that Pumpkin couldn't seem to eat his carrot. He LOVES carrots and he was TRYING to eat it but couldnt! So Immediately...
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    What possible breeds?

    either way,, they are incredibly adorable!
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    Nail fell off ?!?

    My Black Jack lost a front paw nail a while back and it didnt grow back. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I did notice a bit of blood on the livingroom wall next to his cage, so I think he just wacked it. It never got infected and doesnt bother him a bit. Unless an infection occurs, I...
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    Help identifying my new baby bun! Rex? Satin?

    definately dwarf hotot there by the looks of it. Rex, I don't think so, the fur doesn't match up, neither do the whiskers. I'd say Netherland dwarf and hotot to me. Either way, she is absolutely adorable!!! Wintson looks happy to have a lil sweetheart!
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    Can Does breed at 5 months?

    One of my mini rex does breed at 5 months old "accidently." (I didn't think she was old enough and Black Jack "got" her just before he was neutered!) She had a litter of kits unexpectedly at 6months old. I am not sure I would deliberately breed her at 5 months old, but at 6 or 7 months I...
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    Anya's new cage

    She looks very cozy and comfy there! Happy girl indeed! I like the C and C grid cages too! storage grids and zip ties! Can't beat that.........its like playing with giant legos! 3 out of 4 of my rabbits have those grids for cages, and they have so much more room! I use those puzzle piece...
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    About your bunnies :D

    I got a couple new pics of Black Jack and one of Misty Blue. The one of Black Jack, he is sitting on the shelf of my new lamp/end table. His cage is lined with fleece (as well as the other bunnies and guinea pigs) so he figures this is his spot! It also next to my chair so its the perfect...
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    About your bunnies :D

    Definately a lionhead! But he also looks like he has the coloring of a dwarf hotot! Very handsome lil guy!
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    I just built my first nic cube grid cage!

    yikes! Yes I have heard that, but he does run loose while supervised! (or at least while the boys are playing video games, lol!)
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    pics of the nic cube cages

    ok got a couple more. I am not the best at taking pictures. But I hope this is a good idea on the side by side rabbit cages/kennels I made. The kids and I worked hard on these, and of course, Edgar has to give his vote of approval. (f there is such a thing coming from a cat!)
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    pics of the nic cube cages

    Ok, I got a phone that can actually SEND the photos I take. I the area is a bit messy, but thats rabbits for ya! We clean as we go for sure!
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    What kind of rabbit do I have?

    He is definately a lionhead, and definately harlequin! But, I am not sure that matters because he is an absolute DARLING!
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    I just built my first nic cube grid cage!

    I will get pictures this weekend after I make pepsi's cage.
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    my cute little bunny loving life :)

    I just love the freckle face and butterfly nose! So cute!