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    French Lop weight - RIP

    I raise French Lops and I don't have trouble keeping weight on. Give them UNLIMITED 18% protein rabbit pellets. You can also give them some old-fashioned oatmeal (NOT instant) for treats. Mine get a bit of hay, but the majority of their diet is pellets. Pellets are a complete feed, meeting...
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    Help, my bunny gave birth, wut there is no nest?

    You can tell if the kits have been fed by checking their bellies. They should be full (although if it's close to the next feeding, they might not be super plump) and the skin shouldn't be all wrinkly. Here's an article that shows kits with full tummies. http://www.welshrabbitry.com/birth.html
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    Doe is pulling fur 24 hours after kindling???

    My French Lop does pull fur forever! Every day there's more "blankets" added. Eventually, when the box is overflowing and most of their cage is covered, they're done. LOL Congrats on the little one!
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    RabbitsOnline Decal Giveaway!

    They're awesome!!! Hubby has already griped about my "Show Rabbits On Board" and my big ARBA logo decal....wait till he sees these. LOL
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    Rabbitry updated...new cages and all. :-)

    The problem with hanging just from the rafters is that they swing. I have cement floors, so I can't even just pound some t-posts in. We aren't in any hurry to put the round pen back up (no young/green horses at the moment). They will probably stay attached to those until I get the actual barn...
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    Rabbitry updated...new cages and all. :-)

    OMG! When I first hung them, I used small fence staples. I pounded them mostly in, but left enough out to slip the heavy wire through. Unfortunately, after a few hours of hanging with a LOT of weight in them, they started falling. Poor bunnies! :( Now they're attached to horse round pen...
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    Hay box ideas

    Another easy way to make a hay holder is to use a gallon jug. You just cut the top off and a big hole in the side and then attach it to the cage. It keeps the hay fines off your floor, along with most of the hay. I've also purchased small plastic containers, that had plastic mesh sides...I...
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    My daughter's Tan hopping rabbit...

    LOL! No, Majorv is Sarah's (whoalookitsme) mom. But when Sammy came up with a white toenail, Sarah offered her to my daughter. :)
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    Rabbitry updated...new cages and all. :-)

    Eventually I'm sure I'll run out of space. But I've found that 30 Frenchies is my limit! Any more than that and I can't get them out and mess with them much. They are all so lazy...all they do is lay around. lol Every time I go to the barn they're all stretched out. They'll get up to come...
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    My Himmie Has Smut?

    And even when they molt the smut sometimes stays. My daughter was having that problem with her Californians, and is now mainly sticking with the Polish.
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    My daughter's Tan hopping rabbit...

    Thanks to Sarah for the opportunity to bring Sammy into our home! She's a hoot! Kitty's been working with her on hopping, to enter at our 4-H fair (coming up in August). She's also been taking her to horse shows with us. Here's a picture that was taken by the photographer there. :)
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    Rabbitry updated...new cages and all. :-)

    It has been a busy few months, to say the least! I got a really good deal on hanging cages. They're 30"x42"x18.5". The Flops love them! And I'm so glad that dumping trays is pretty much a thing of the past! I just use a push broom to gather the poop, then hose everything down. I have 100...
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    Example of why stricter laws are being pushed...

    I was just wondering that myself. LOL I actually thought the admins were going to delete it after the debate.
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    English spots!

    Congratulations!!!! ES are so cute, but after my stint with Chewie it's not a breed I'll likely pursue. LOL I love Sola's face...it has a "kiss me now" look to it. :)
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    Thinking of registering...

    I'm not creative, either. Our farm address is West Wind Lane...our horses are West Wind Acres...so my rabbitry is West Wind's Rabbitry. LOL My daughter, Katrina, named hers Kitty's Kool Kritters. She showed a bit more creativity, but not a lot. LOL