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    Hay fever

    Please do not wash your hay. Not safe! If you are worried about it being overly dusty take it outside and shake it out before giving it to your rabbit or try different hay like orchard grass.
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    A few questions about a rabbit I might be adopting

    I would suggest finding out. A tooth or jaw abscess? Is a huuuge difference from getting a cut on the top of her head that abscessed. A rabbit with chronic teeth issues that are abscessing is different from a one off injury. An abscess is typically the result of injury + bacteria and if...
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    A few questions about a rabbit I might be adopting

    Where was the abscess?
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    Wild baby bunnies

    Call a wildlife rehabber asap. The injured one needs proper care. You should not have put them in a box. Please at least put #3 back for mom.
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    Antibiotics spelled

    Antibiotics are important to finish the full course..... like the full length and not missing days. missing 2 days worth isnt a good idea.
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    Bunny with dislocated or fractured leg! Help!

    Seriously? We are not recommending just leaving an injured rabbit to sort itself out when nobody even knows what body part is injured. If you do not actually know what is injured doing anything like what some of these members are recommending can result in making the injury worse. Just take her...
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    Bunny with dislocated or fractured leg! Help!

    Just take your rabbit to a vet. You need to know whats actually wrong so you know how it will be able to heal.
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    Watery Eyes

    Best to just get him into a vet. You cant really check for scratches or ulcers at home. You can flush the eyes with saline initially but if that doesn't work its time to stop messing with them and see a vet. Its too easy to cause vision loss with the wrong treatment.
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    We've lost half of my family's rabbits (8 out of 16) and we don't know whats causing it :(

    Its unlikely that the bald patches are the reason they are dying. While yes it appears they have mites or a fungal infection. Iy dowent typically kill that quick when it isnt that severe. A more likely cause would be some type of toxin they have eaten. Myxo as Apollo said. A form of RHD. or...
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    Rabbit eye looks infected

    You need to take him to a Rabbit Savvy vet if flushing the eye has not worked. Eye problems can be anything from a foreign body, infection, or tooth problem. Eyes should not be screwes with at home as it doesnt take much to cause vision loss. Please take him to a vet.
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    Bunny Contest! - 'Rabbits outdoors' - Win a Prize!

    No photos here from outdoors! Not with out a cage between my buns and the camera. Lots with my birds or dogs [emoji848]
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    Rabbits taking honey

    Yes please do not put anything on your rabbit yet! Photos of the "wounds" first. This sounds like your rabbits scent glands. A vet should have known better if theyre giving advice over the phone. Did you physically take your rabbit to see the vet?
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    Allergic to Timothy hay?

    Go try a different type a hay and move what you currently have to the garage or something. Dont find ways to still keep it in your room.
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    Cat trees/towers suitable for rabbits?

    Dont drop your cat post on your rabbit and that wont be an issue....
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    Cat trees/towers suitable for rabbits?

    Yes theyre safe as long as your rabbit doesnt eat them. Like anything else. Be cautious of the height. I had one gal who LOVED her cylinder one that came from the walmart pet section. It was a carpeted cylinder with 2 holes and then the top she could jump on.