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    Hi some advice on things I might need additional to things I’ve already written down :)

    If you guys are unable to keep this topic on track it will be closed.
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    Help on convincing my parents to get a bond mate for my bunny!

    Stop bumping your own topics just because you don't get a reply in the time you deem acceptable. This topic has been asked thousands of times on the forum so please use the search function while waiting for answers. You cannot guarantee that any new rabbit you get will even get along with...
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    Did my rabbit get worms? How to treat it!

    There was no need to bump your topic like that. Many of the member who help out here have lives outside of this forum that come first. This topic has come up a few times very recently so if you had used the forums search function you would have an answer...
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    bloated ear

    100% vet visit in order. That is called an Aural Hematoma. Usually caused from excessive scratching/shaking the head. A vet will need to drain the ear and suture the layers of the ear together so it doesnt fill back up or you will end up with cauliflower ear or other problems. But the vet will...
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    Rabbit ate a Golden Pothos

    Just keep pushing hay and offer a bowl of water. Spike the water with something yummy if you have to, like a splash of apple juice. Pothos often causes GI upset. Vomiting diarrhea etc, and since rabbits cant vomit and have pretty sensitive GI systems already.... just keep an eye and ensure he...
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    Just because she should be that weight for that breed does NOT mean you need to fatten her up. She may be small for her breed or be a mix and could grow to any size. Small may just be her normal and that is fine. She looks good in that photo. I would not be trying to add weight.
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    RHDV2 - How Long Does it Last in Below Freezing Temps?

    Freezing temps dont usually kill viruses. There are already cases in WA.
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    Rabbit with broken leg. In a big dilemma.

    At 10 you need to weigh the pros and cons of any type of surgery vs quality of life. Rest is unlikely to fix a displaced fracture. Having it heal incorrectly will cause more pain in the long run. A fracture like this cannot be compared to a toe. The bone physically needs to be kept in...
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    Doramectin should work. Ivermectin would be better and work faster. Does your rabbit have white on them? Selamectin might be a better choice too. Your friends are wrong and the vet is right. Mites can still spread around the house but you cant see them with the naked eye. A skin scraping is...
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    Baby bunnies:) -Where to list?

    We do not allow the sale of rabbits on this forum period. This would not be a correct use of the Rescue Me section. Even these "where to sell" posts are hovering over that fine line.
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    Dying rabbit please help.

    Take it to a wildlife rehabber or vet asap. You should not be attempting to fix this at home and prolong any suffering. An open wound from a cat is a death sentence. Please keep your cat indoors.
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    Should I get a fourth or rehome?

    You shouldnt even be attempting to bond any of them until they are all spayed/neutered. And even then you will need to wait a month or 2 after that is done.
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    Should I get a fourth or rehome?

    Are the newest ones fixed?
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    What type of wood is this and is it safe for my rabbit?

    Better safe then sorry. Not worth the risk just toss them out.