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    Essential oil diffusers ok??

    It is not worth the risk. Especially given this is entering their airway which bypasses any of the bodys natural ability to filter bad stuff out. We do not recommend the use of any EO's here.
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    Hyssop plant

    Safe doesnt mean they need to or should be eating the plant. So dont offer "large amounts" Large amounts of kale and spinach can cause issues. Its best to keep edible items that are not apart of their diet out of reach.
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    Hay management with carpets

    Where is her hay now in relation to that photo. I dont see any and they need a good pile the size of them daily. You really need to get a better base for the pen. Like a piece of plywood with edging/baseboards holding the pen in place. Then you can use coroplast or cardboard in the corner the...
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    Guess the Breed?????

    She is 100% not a rex. And the markings are likely just Vienna marked not dutch. She is likely a good mix of a bunch of different breeds.
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    Is this litter safe?

    Just make sure they dont eat it. Those will be fine.
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    Dirty mouth help!! (RIP)

    A healthy rabbit should be able to clean themselves with no help so that is concerning. Do you have any ideas how that even happened? What did she get into? You can use a warm damp cloth but do not bath her and do not wet her to the skin.
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    I'm starting a TNR program in my city to end the population of feral bunnies. Concerned about them moving indoors back outdoors.

    Perhaps the best foster homes are ones that have outdoor sheds or garages. This is still better to be done in spring/summer.
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    Moulting & microchip help?

    You should be able to look up the microchip online, like he was a lost pet. It might tell you a company name there. If in doubt phone one of the microchip companies and ask if they can tell what brand/company the microchip is from then you can contact that company and switch the info over. They...
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    Experiences with cryptorchid neuter

    Bunnies have the ability to suck their testes into their abdomen, yes seperately. And not leave a scrotal sac you can find.
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    What is a good rabbit pellet you can buy in bulk?

    Sorelle who was the founder of Rabitats was the founder of this forum. Honestly ask them what they get in bulk because we have different stuff available in canada vs anywhere else in the world. You could find a lower protein 50lb bag from a feed store and use that because again pellets shouldnt...
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    How can I get my rabbit to stop wasting so much hay?

    How "boney" is she? Society and even vets are often used to seeing obese animals now as the normal, people freak out at what a FIT animal actually looks like. You should be able to feel her ribs and spine. She probably doesn't need BOSS and is as @JBun Said, probably filling up on all this...
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    How can I get my rabbit to stop wasting so much hay?

    Your profile says youre from Calgary so you should have TONNNSof options for feed stores or barns and someone is bound to have a flake you can buy of a few different varieties. Horse quality no alfalfa. Make you you give her new hay daily. A nice fluffy pile. If you just add it to yesterdays...
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    How can I get my rabbit to stop wasting so much hay?

    Please dont use any type of "hay bag" not only is that an ingestion risk but its a strangulation risk. Loose hay is always better and more inviting but if youre set on using a hay rack even ikea has better options including a few i will link below. Most rabbits prefer "fresh" hay, as in new to...
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    How can I get my rabbit to stop wasting so much hay?

    Time to start buying bales from a feed store! Bunnies love peeing on hay and most recommend putting some loose in their litterbox anyway. The harder it is to access their hay the less their likely to eat. Let her make a mess and waste some. As long ad she eats lots too! You said hay net? That...
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    Bunny Misbehaving? (ripping up carpet, chewing through cords, etc.)

    She needs to be confined until everything is bunny proofed. She shouldnt have access to theses areas. Spaying should help but this behaviour can also become habit. Not all rabbits can be free roamimg.