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    all who helped

    Thanks so much. Without your help I wouldnever have known what to do with the cute lil bunnies. I amdoing trying to keep an eye on the bunnies while they hop out ofsight. The dog that got a hold of them isn't round yet soI'll be watching out for that also. As long as I know theyare going to be...
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    wild baby

    Hello Carolyn I've been racking my brains trying to figure out what has happened totheir mother.Thanks for the info. The dog really tore up thenest, but the nest wasn't really to deep into the ground. Doyou think that if the bunnies are returned that the mother would gatherthem up and put them...
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    wild baby

    my dog found three little wild baby rabbits. i need help in knowing what to feed them etc.