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    Odd behavior

    Hi all, I have a pair of sisters that are almost 5 years old. They are not spayed yet but usually, they are pretty well-behaved. The dominant one, Sassy has started (maybe 2-3 months ago) doing this odd behavior usually in the AM. She will pick up some hay and newspapers in her mouth and just...
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    Do you have a pet rabbit?

    Last year in March (during spring break) my Binky passed away suddenly. He wasn't sick beforehand so I'm guessing it was some sort of heart attack issue. So last May, the ladies I work worth got me 2 young buns. They are both females and named Sassy and Sister (originally Sugar but Sister has...
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    OMG Need help!

    That is exactly how it happened for us as well. Almost 4 weeks to the day, and PattyCake was a Momma!
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    Nettle roots & bad searches

    Hi all, I am trying to find some new items for my bunny, Binky. I was looking on Amazon and saw a few things that seemed promising but wondering if anyone has tried them? *Dried Dandelion and Nettle Roots? Says it's for helping to wear their teeth, The following are by a company called 'Pet...
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    Has anyone seen anything like this? / swollen jaw

    That looks like what happened to Fuzzy's Mom. It turned out to be an infection and we tried surgery and aggressive antibiotics but it didn't help.
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    E. Cuniculi in a 7month old rabbit?

    Did they put you down for a refill after 14 days? That is what my vet did because they had to mix themselves and for some reason they thought it would be better that way. Fuzzy was on it off and on for months. She also took Metacam for pain/inflammation daily.
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    elderly bunny weight issues

    We had the same issue with our old lady, Fuzzy. We ended up giving her the unflavored Nutrical for cats. Our vet said it had more sugar than she would like for a bun to have normally but since Fuzzy was battling EC and almost 11 she said "whatever works at this point".
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    Nurturing or spaying !

    I have had 5 rabbits that I had fixed (2 females and 3 males). Yes it was pricier than when I got my cats spayed but both of the females lived quite a long while. The Mom (Patty Cake) lived to be 9 and her daughter (Fuzzy) lived to be over 10! It was definitely worth it as we didn't want more...
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    Admit it, you once had a rabbit named...

    We also have had cats named: Stormer, Minx, Minnie, Riot (all are in Heaven). We now have Joker, Mia, Marble, and Pebbles (she likes to play with Binks)
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    Admit it, you once had a rabbit named...

    We had... Miss Bunny (came with that name) Harvey (yes ode to Jimmy Stewart) PattyCake Blondie Fuzzy (the famous one) and now we have Binky (or Mr. Binks, or Binks,)
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    white stuff on rabbits ear

    It looks similar to an issue my Fuzzy had. She had issues with dry skin and would get scaly patches on her ears. Are these scaly or flaky?
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    Panacur dosing

    Having been thru the EC battle with Fuzzy I can say she did not develop a head tilt. Her big "tell" was her hind limbs would suddenly quit working and she would seem paralyzed. She would shake her head but they could never find any infection or other ear issue.
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    rabbit eye infection

    I just ran into this same issue when I had my male neutered. Apparently Binky's tear duct was blocked and they had to flush it out and he ended up with drops. Fortunately they were able to flush it while he was out for the neuter or else I can't imagine how you would pull that off.
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    Fuzzy (RIP)

    Monday, Fuzzy started to go into a decline. I spent most of evening holding her and giving her the most loved treats. Yesterday morning (Tuesday) Fuzzy took the decision out of our hands. I checked on her and held her. I told her I loved her and that it was OK to let go and be with her bunny...
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    Fuzzy (RIP)

    We have made the difficult decision to put Fuzzy to sleep. She has had quite the struggle with E. Cuniculi over the last year. She made some improvements and was maintaining her health at a good level. Within the last couple of weeks she has been going into a decline. Saturday it had become...