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    Anyone in Austin, TX?

    Imbrium wrote: Thanks for letting me know! I wasn't sure who to PM because I wasn't sure who lived in Austin :).
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    Anyone in Austin, TX?

    I moved to Austin in September and I'm running very low on hay...didn't realize that I only have a few days left - thought my bulk bin still had some flakes left in it! I'm looking for anyone in Austin with bunnies, who would like to share hay with me. I'd purchase a bale, but we sold our...
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    Rat Owners <3

    I have 2 boy ratties now that I got from a breeder here in AZ - they are the best rats I have ever owned! They are super friendly and so well socialized. Thaddeus.... Tate.... Both boys.... One of their cage set ups (Martin's R680)....
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    why dose my buck thump his foot and pace back and forth?

    He could just be alerting the other rabbits of your presence. My rabbits always thump when they hear strange noises or if something scares them. One of my recent foster rabbits would thump when I could brush my hair after showering - I don't think he liked the noise it made :P.
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    Oats OK?

    I put one tablespoon of old-fashioned oats in my bonded pair's pellet bowl every night....they love to forage through the pellets to eat the oats ;).
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    Not drinking water from bottles!

    Can you just use water bowls? If you have to use bottles then try putting some mashed banana on the tip of the spout - maybe they don't realize water comes from there.
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    Tattoos? Anybody?

    I have a couple now..... My first one and my favorite so far. Its my chest piece and Morgan's portrait is in the center :).... The next one is a portrait of Zaide (looks exactly like him, too!), my 7 month old kitten that passed away from a seizure in 2009. I called him "My Little Tiger"...
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    Rex mix - Prescott, AZ (but delivery possible)

    This can be marked "RESOLVED"....Finn went to join Nancy, Larry, and their son in Vegas yesterday :biggrin:.
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    How many rabbits do you currently have?

    Just a bonded pair :). I do usually always have a foster bun though, but hopefully I won't have another for a while...two buns to care for is time consuming enough!
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    RESOLVED: Neutered male Dutch bunny - foster looking for home :)!

    Just got a notice in my email that you replied to this thread, Lucile... He looks so happy! I miss that little face so much.
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    Rex mix - Prescott, AZ (but delivery possible)

    Looks like Finn has a home in Vegas and we are aiming to deliver him there next Sunday :D.
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    RESOLVED: Neutered male Dutch bunny - foster looking for home :)!

    Nancy McClelland wrote: I just sent her an email. How perfect would that be?! I'll keep in touch...and I did send you my email in a PM :)?
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    RESOLVED: Neutered male Dutch bunny - foster looking for home :)!

    Just thought I'd update and say that after 10 months, Sawyer has found a forever home with one of our lucky forum members! He will be heading home on Wednesday, weather permitting. :biggrin2:...okay, and this because I'm so attached to him...:in tears:
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    Am now a trainee dog groomer!!! Can anyone give me some tips on how to succeed :D

    Congrats! Before I started grooming school I researched heavily. A good place to learn about techniques, tools, attire, and much more is ....that's mainly where I did a lot of my research. Advice? Learn to groom cats! It seems cat groomers are few and far between. When you...
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    Hello, and what do you do?

    I'm a dog & cat groomer :).