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    My Four Beautiful Girls

    Rosie - I came on here b/c I knew in my heart that THIS is where I would find comfort in our tragic loss. I feel your pain so strongly, as I loved Trixie so, so much. I gave her to you because of all people, I knew you loved your buns as much as I loved my Trixie-girl. It didn't matter that you...
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    YUCKKKKKKKK! NO SNOW! No SNOW! Some people have to drive in that stuff...with a crying baby in the back seat. NO SNOOOOOOOOOOOOW! <Doing the no snow dance> :pinkelepht::pinkelepht:
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    NERVOUS Mommy!!

    NICE job! She looks so cute!
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    Worried about neighbor's baby

    hmmm...Kayla was really colicky when she was first born and cried, no - SCREAMED, for hours and hours....but mostly at night. But honestly, it would subside somewhat during the day cause she would tire herself out from screaming. And that SWAT sound....not good. I would call. Better to be...
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    Halloween Hangman he's a real wiseguy!
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    I Can Has Cheezburger...

    Love the 2nd one of Hobbes, Rosie! Or was that Sunny?
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    Saw CATS last night

    Ooooohhhh! I LOVE plays! I am lucky cause I live on Long Island and I can go into the city to see the Broadway plays. I have seen Phantom 3 times, I have seen Les Mis twice, I saw Fiddler on the Roof with Rosie O'Donnell, 42nd Street, Guys and Dolls, Spamalot....
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    I am my DVR

    yeah its JUST like TiVo. You just program the show and any time its on, it records it. You can even choose to only record new eps, etc...
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    I'm in the chatroom and I am bored!

    i'm in there, kiiid. Don't know what YOU'RE talkin' about! LOL
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    For Michelle (and anyone else interested!)

    wow! what a GORGEOUS kitty!
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    I'm in the chatroom and I am bored!

    i went in again and no one was there :(
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    Rabbits at show and tell

    I think it's a GREAT oppotunity to educate and nurture children's love for animals. Like some said in a previous post, my most fond memories of elementary school show and tell was when someone brought in a pet. I would def ask about the allergy, thing though. A letter to parents is a great idea.
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    I'm in the chatroom and I am bored!

    I'm all alone. By myself. Just me and my shadow. <cricket,cricket> I think I just saw a tumbleweed drift by.....
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    I am my DVR

    I think I am running out of shows to tape. I hardly ever watch live tv anymore, I just start watching 15 mins after the show starts and fast forward the commercials. Anyone else have a DVR? How AWESOME are they???!!!??!! As of right now, I DVR: Kid Nation Grey's Anatomy Desperate Housewives...