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    Urgent help- cage chewing

    They were in a dog cage but I got a wooden one made for them. What do others do with bunnies that are in wooden hutches?
  2. thisisfliss

    Urgent help- cage chewing

    Hi Everyone. I've just had a new cage made for Alfy & Dali and have not yet stained or waxed it. It is an indoor cage made of wood. Alfy has decided to start chewing it to bits. If I stain it do you think it will deter her and what do I stain it with? They're on holiday next week at bunny...
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    Help! Matted bunny in pet shop

    His neck was bare too. I spoke to one of the members of staff and they were getting him checked out as I left. My local rabbit rescue where I got Dali from gave me some good advice- she said firstly it's the pet shops responsibility to change things and then if they don't you can consider...
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    Help! Matted bunny in pet shop

    I'm going to go back in today and have a look at the little bun
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    Help! Matted bunny in pet shop

    I need some advice. This little guy was in my pet shop this evening as I went to get the bunnies some more hay. The rabbits always look in good condition there and all the others did, but this little guy looked super unhappy and had little matts and a slight bald patch on his neck. What can...
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    Lionhead Lovers List

    This is Dali. He's a lionhead cross... Though not sure what he's a cross with! He's such a little dude
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    Why is my buns coat, agouti, always changing it's pattern...week to week change

    Alfy's fur does the same in her agouti bits. She has a black line on her nose at the minute!
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    Alfy likes to chew the table legs every so often. I think it's just because it's wood and it's there and she knows she's not allowed to chew it that she does it!
  9. thisisfliss

    Grumpy bun pics please!

    Yes it might be. She might be grumpy but she has the best personality!
  10. thisisfliss

    Grumpy bun pics please!

    Alfy is such a little grump! To the point that when she's being friendly and let's me stroke her I wonder what's up!
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    Help! Rabbits eaten Viennese Whirl!

    Thanks guys! I gave her infant colic drops and a few tummy massages and it all passed. Need to have a word with my housemate about leaving boxes of biscuits on the floor! Alfy is a clever little fluff!
  12. thisisfliss

    Help! Rabbits eaten Viennese Whirl!

    She's gassy so she's had simethicone this evening. She's eating happily so hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow. She's a little monkey!
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    Help! Rabbits eaten Viennese Whirl!

    Help! Alfy somehow managed to get into a box of Viennese whirls that my housemate left on the floor and has eaten the tops of them. They weren't chocolatey but are very sugary and buttery. She's had gas and been treated for gut stasis when she was younger. She's gone gassy and so I've got the...
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    Cranky bunny

    Alfy is just over a year old and is pretty cranky! I'm hoping it's her age and she might get better again but I do find her moodiness pretty funny! It can be hard work sometimes though!
  15. thisisfliss

    Stroppy year old female rabbit

    I try to share my time equally but I think she's a little bit miffed that she has to share her time with Dali now and that she's not the only bun. I think she has a bit of a princess complex! Hopefully it's just a stage- it did take her a while to accept Dali. She picked a fight and caught her...