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    The adventures of Charlie and Chestnut!

    Hi & welcome, Morgan, Chestnut & Charlie! Congratulations on your "girls!" I'm the happy bunny mom to two Jersey wooly sisters, Faith & Hope. They have a very good bond so far. Just a few minor jealousy issues but they are the best buns I could have asked for! They are my first bunnies & I...
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    Another Reintroduction

    Welcome back & congratulations on your 2 handsome buns! Tauntz
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    Emergency Stuff Every Rabbit Owner Should Have

    We are still working on our emergency bunny kit but I do have a suggestion or two. Get some feeding syringes & baby food, then make it a treat for your bunny to eat the baby food from the syringe. Do this daily to get your bunny used to the feeding syringe. This will make it easier should you...
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    Growing Food for Rabbits?!

    I haven't been able to do a bunny/bird garden yet but want to! Herbs are easy so I'm told & can be grown indoors. My bunny girls, Faith & Hope love cilantro, parsley, the cat wheat grass you get at pet stores. Dried carrots are a favorite treat too. Oh, you might want to mention what area of...
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    Thumper is waving to us from the other side of the bridge

    My heart & prayers go out to you & the Thumper family with the loss of your sweet girl, Thumper. I know too well the pain of loss (not of a bunny yet) & I hope that that pain will ease soon even though it never completely goes away. Love & cherish each & every day that we have with our loved...
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    Yesterday's News Litter

    Just found has Yesterday's News Original Unscented Litter 30 pound bags for $14.99 including free shipping. I can't find it locally at that price in the pet stores so I thought I would pass the link along for those bunny parents who use it for their buns! Here's the link...
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    great news!

    :woohoo That is wonderful news! Will be praying for his continued improvement!
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    x pen

    This is the xpen I bought the fall of 2012 for about the same price at My two Jersey wooly girls love it!
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    I need to destress!

    Hi, Smokey! Hope here! Faith, my big sister, mom & I are praying & hope you will feel better soon! Last year I got sick when mom came home from the hospital. Mom was so worried she took me to see the doctor. That man mom calls the bunny doctor did all sorts of things to me I didn't like. We...
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    Hay recommendation

    I buy hay from Sierra Valley hay online. Here is a link to view their products: They are on the west coast in the US. There may be other online hay companies closer to you & therefore less expensive with the shipping charges. My bunny girls love all of the...
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    cuts of hay?

    Alfalfa is a great hay for young, growing bunnies. Once a bunny reaches adulthood it is important to switch to other hays such as Timothy &/or Orchard grass or other available hay. Alfalfa can cause health problems in adult bunnies. Timothy or orchard grass are excellent hays to mix in with...
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    Just need to vent--still very p'od

    My condolences for the loss of your mother. I feel for you with the situation with your sister. I hope that your mother died in peace & not knowing what your sister was doing or going to do. It is horrible when a child will be so selfish & uncaring to her/his family as to steal money & not...
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    New bunnies

    How about Pepper & Cinnamon? If the male is Pepper, you could call him Sgt. Pepper from the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album! Pepper & Cinnamon are good female names. Just my first thoughts for names & thought spice names would be good with those two! Congratulations on...
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    Father is doing his taxes :(

    My mom says those taxes are nasty things & should stay away from them! She says some humans make other humans do them taxes. Mom says taxes are something to give humans headaches. Some humans get money if their taxes is good so they can buy aspirin for their tax headache & bunny yummies...
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    Harley Quinn

    Sounds like a very nice birthday! Yummy apples & a nice walk! Hope you have many more happy, healthy years together!