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    Indoor grass pot.

    You can do it either way, for inside I tend not to put holes so you don't get any water out of the bottom if you've got it on carpet etc. it does mean you have to be careful not to over water though as excess won't drain out.
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    Rabbit ear help?!

    How old is he? He looks like quite a young bun? If so it may just be natural drop as he and his ears grow. Particularly with cross breeds they can start as upears and then as their ears get bigger/heavier lop much later than a purebred lop. Sometimes they turn out 'helicopter' eared where their...
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    How would you admonish a rabbit?

    You've got it backwards, she was admonishing you for your unacceptable behaviour - the appropriate response would be to apologise and promise to ask before entering her home when she's got kits :)
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    rabbit safe waterproof/resistent paints/stains?

    For indoors? I guess a natural wax could work - you might need to then add something non slip over. You can also use lino/safety flooring cut to size and glued on or attached with trim. Again watch the slipperiness.
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    Natural raw food diet for buns?

    It's usually referred to as the 'hay and veggies' diet. Hay or fresh grass should make up about 80% of a rabbits diet, and the rest other fresh or dried plants. As long as you get a good mix of different veggies/plants you should manage a balanced diet. Weeds/forage/veggies/fruits/herbs all...
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    Noses on bunnies seem to be rotting!

    Nodular myxi can occur in vaccinated rabbits, the good news is that it has a much higher survival rate than normal myxi. It usually takes around 6 weeks from first signs until fully healed although they can be left with scars. Antibiotics to prevent secondary infection is a good idea. The lumps...
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    Hey what does it mean when a rabbit eats wood?

    They chew wood for lots of reasons, for the fibre content, to get it out the way/in an attempt to extend their home, or because they are bored and don't have anything else to do.
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    What if i get bored of my bunny

    It's a big commitment to say you want to care (and pay!) for a living thing for the next ten years when you don't know what you'll be doing yourself. If you aren't sure, you could try some volunteering with animals instead or even foster rabbits for a rescue. That way you get a lot of the fun...
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    **Urgent** My Female rabbit is having dry patches and loosing hair

    Just to add, some mange mites can spread to other animals eg cats, dogs, goats, horses etc. as well as between animals, so be careful to wash your hands thoroughly after handling them.
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    Flower Identification?

    It looks like love-in-the-mist to me - I have it self seed in my garden. It might be more recognisable once the flower opens. The seed pods are pretty distinctive too - big round balls. Not sure if it's rabbit edible though.
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    My new hutch for Sunny!

    Yes, definitely proper bolts for the doors - not sure what sort of wildlife you are dealing with but certainly in the UK a fox/cat/dog can easily open those little wooden twists. Clear tarp or a shower curtain makes a good rain cover :) It's more common to keep outdoor bunnies in the UK than...
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    Foreleg amputation

    It will take a bit of time for her to build the extra muscle on her other side, and also I expect she'll be a bit sore and not want to move about too much. How's she doing today?
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    Well done :) Sometimes they feel off colour for a few days afterwards but usually there aren't any side effects at all. Just note down somewhere when you had it done so you know when to rebook :)
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    Forgot to feed rabbit!

    For future, maybe try to feed enough hay for a day and a half - that way if you get caught up or forget he's got a bit of spare.
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    Video of Hazel building her nest :)

    Great video! Might be a bit late now, but in future, confining her to the bottom so she nests there and then you can open the ramp after she's given birth to give her more space might be a good option - they never choose the sensible space do they!