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    Rabbit litter box grid cleaning?

    Vinegar has no smell once it dries. All my cleaning water either goes down my toilet or my bathtub. When I'm doing a BIG cleaning (about once a month) I soak everything I can in the bathtub with hot water. We just use white vinegar. And use baking soda if you need extra scrubbing power.
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    Where should my new rabbit live?

    I have a super high strung Rottweiler/Chow Chow cross (so not a small pup haha) it only took about a week to teach him that the buns were friends and not food. Now he will lay on the floor, and the buns will jump all over him and the worst he does is give them a big ol slobbery kiss. Or, since...
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    Her ears are always up. One time she was coming to me for treats (pellets) one time I was cleaning her litter box, one time I was brushing her (which she hates) the scenarios are so different. There is never any nipping or lunging because that isn't in her personality even when she is super mad...
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    Spayed bun still chins

    For her it's been about six months, so I don't think it would be hormones still. I'm guessing she is just a plain ol grump!
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    Spayed bun still chins

    I have a spayed bunny that will still chin, poop to mark territory, spray, fight to defend cage, ect. Is this normal? Is it just because she is a grump? Was hoping to buns her with my other bun (they were great friends before they were sexually mature) but obviously not if she continues to be...
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    Selective hay water

    One of my buns has decided she ONLY wants to eat Orchard Grass. What I usually do is put Timothy hay in their litter boxes on top of the litter, then put orchard Grass in a pile in the corner of their boxes to eat (they are weirdos and will only eat hay if it's in their boxes) Usually once they...
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    Multi level cage

    Oh that is super cool!!! I've never heard of NIC before. What do you use for ramps? One of my buns spent the first year of her life I. A teeny tiny cage and never was let out of it, so she isn't a great jumper to get from level to level (we have puppy stairs for her to get up onto the couch :P )
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    Feral Rabbits - Eastern Washington

    Watermelons, you don't live by VIU do you? Haha. Not sure what Island you're talking about, but I know Nanaimo has soooo many dumped buns
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    Multi level cage

    Any suggestions for a multilevel cage? Similar to a ferret nation cage, which obviously will not work for buns. I'm not a crafty person, so building or repurposing isn't really an option haha! My buns are mainly free roam, but are house at night, or when we are not home, so I want to give them...
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    Rabbit puppy pad brand recommendations?

    I personally wouldn't use puppy pads as they are usually plastic. If I find I need a liner in my cages, I use paper, that way should a bored or mad bun nibble at it, it won't be nearly as damaging to them. All of my buns have some poops outside of their litter box even the very litter trained...
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    Stasis after spay

    They usually LOVE their salad time. Cilantro and kale are their favourites, but Stormy literally ripped them out of my hands and chucked it, then stomped at me. Would a blockage be what's causing the small poops? My vet charges even for phone ups, never mind what they charge for x-rays and...
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    Stasis after spay

    Hey all!! Two of my buns got spayed yesterday morning. They refuse to eat anything other than the shredded wheat that I put their pain meds on, and are drinking almost nothing. There ARE pops in their litter boxes, but they are super small. About half the size of normal I can't make mushy...
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    Nail Trimming

    For my buns, they go mental when it comes time for what limited pellets they do get that I sneak in while they are preoccupied with being gobble guts. I find its way easier than trying to wrangle them and stress them out. Or, if you think you can't manage still, there are groomers and vets...
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    Chewing Cage Bars

    One of my buns recently started doing this! And it most certainly isn't boredom because she is mostly out of her cage. She will run UP to her cage and gnaw on the bars. I can't make heads or tails of it, and I can't for the life of me get her to stop!
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    Getting spayed tomorrow...

    So two of my buns (7 months and 2 years) are getting spayed tomorrow. I'm so nervous! My babies! I have a few questions about their care when they come home. Should I be changing their little boxes several times a day until they heal? Should I keep them in their houses for a few days? Or...