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    Things that Bad Bunnies...

    Ack!! Don't give Umbra any ideas!!! :shock: --Melissa and Umbra
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    Striped Rabbit

    LOL Myapologies...! Now I've done it! He'll probably act'moody' just to spite me now! I'm in deep... --Melissa and Umbra
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    Young Bunny Questions

    I don't know enough tocorrectly answer all of them; but I do know why you should not giveyoung bunnies veggies/fruits. Many younger rabbits will getsevere diarhhea(aww cheez... I can never remember how tospell it!!) if fed veggies before about 6 months. Now, I madethe mistake of feeding Umbra...
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    Striped Rabbit

    Sure thing!And he's been a very good bunny lately. Very snuggly; whichis kinda not like his usual self. --Melissa and Umbra
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    Calcium carbonate residue

    I agree. Ialways use vinegar and a scrub brushto get the calcium stainsoff of 'potty places'. It works pretty well. --Melissa and Umbra
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    Striped Rabbit

    That's neat.It makes me think a bit of Harlequin rabbits. Although Idon't believe they have stripes. --Melissa and Umbra
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    Sad News - God Has A New Angel Bun

    I'm sosorry... It's just awful when someone you love so much passeson. Fighting Pasturella for four years is most definitelysomething to be proud of though! Poor Checkers. Mayshe finally find some peace. --Melissa and Umbra
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    Found A Beautiful Rabbit

    What an interestingstory! I trust you will take the best possible care ofit! And I just know that everyone here will do their best tohelp you out! Good luck. --Melissa and Umbra
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    if yous

    I don't know.I usually have to see the rabbit before I can figure out aname. I've kinda always wanted a white rabbit to name Lunathough, a bluish-colored rabbit to name Periwinkle, and a tort coloredrabbit to name Pharaoh. (For those that aren't too familiarwith world history, "Pharaoh" was what...
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    Colored Fonts

    Agreed.Especially when people get a little too excited about something they'retalking about and ramble on and on about something. Which iswhat I will do at times. =) Navy doesn't bother anyone does it? If so, then I can change it. --Melissa and Umbra
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    strange bunny behavior.... can you help me?

    That is a bitstrange. I'd look for the things that Carolyn said to lookfor. Once you rule out any injury or illness, then I guessit's just an attitude problem. How long has she been doingthis? Once in a while, at certain times of the year, my bunnywill act up, but it only lasts for a week or...
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    OT Cute Pic

    Aw... poor Turtles... hopefully you guys can figure something out eventually. Those are great turtle sitesbabydoshia! I'm actually glad that someone posted some,because I've always been interested in getting a pet turtle (someday,right now, I have a certain bunny and two fish to dealwith!). Now...
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    Wrigley won't stop chewing on his cage door

    All I can sayis: dear Lord I SO know what you're going through!!I swear Umbra (before and a little after he got neutered) thought thatthe only thing in existence were my carpet, my books, and his cagebars! Nothing stopped him from chewing all overstuff. And just when I thought that everything he...
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    im new

    I mean grab some filmfor my camera so I can take pictures of Umbra to put in the showthey're having here. I don't know everything about it, but Ido know that they're picture entries for things like "Best Pose" andstuff like that. --Melissa and Umbra
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    all's well today

    That'swonderful! It's always nice to know you're pretty much oversomething awful. --Melissa and Umbra