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    What Antibiotics To Use?

    Hi, I have a friend who's bunny has pasterella (sp?), with sneezing, leaky eyes and nose. It's been getting worse the past 6 months. The bunny has been on different antibiotics in the past. He's had it as long as she's had him...she adopted him from someone at the age of 2 he's now 8. The 2...

    Christmas Hat Pattern

    Does any one have the pattern to knit the little toque for bunnies? The link didn't work. Thanks Susan :apollo:

    * Inexpensive NIC/Wire Cube panels for Canadians *

    Hi Watermelons, I agree with you to use them as a shelf. I put a wooden dowel under my shelves to support them. And I cover them with a type of wood paneling or plywood. I wish I would have seen these years ago when I needed them for the 4 big NIC cages I needed at that time. Cheers Susan

    Any suggestions on how to get my rabbit to eat papaya tablets?

    Hi Sarah, I agree just leave it in her dish. Mine wouldn't eat them at first, now all I have to do is shake to bottle and they go crazy for them. Cheers Susan :headflick:

    7 Years on 09-15-2013 I've had my Babies

    Thanks Troller, it was actually a few people from RO that did a Bunny Railroad that got them to me (I think they started off from Missouri). I also had a bunny Buttercup (RIP) who went to the Rainbow Bridge at 13. He was Honestly the sweetest bunny, He was my first bunny. I hope you have...

    7 Years on 09-15-2013 I've had my Babies

    Can you believe it everyone, that it will be 7 years on 9-15-2013 that Haley dropped off Winston and Vega to me. My gosh where does the time. Vega is the Sweetheart of Bunnies, she is so laid back. Winston is Winston, he hates to held or touched (unless it is Vega), You kinda wonder what...

    My precious baby Kerensa

    Shiloh, I'm so sorry for your loss of your sweet Kerensa. She was a little beauty. Binky Free sweet girl Hugs Susan

    Sky- My Rock. 06-10-2005 - 28-08-2013

    I'm so sorry for your loss of your Beautiful Boy Sky. What a beautiful tribute to him. I can tell that he meant the world to you. He will be your Guardian Angel now, watching over you. Big hugs Susan

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Hi Wendell Daisy Mae, Winston and Vega miss you but are glad you made it DownUnder safely. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Looking forward to more pictures. The gang

    My amazing Gracie has gone to The Bridge - 8/19/2002 - 7/7/2013

    I'm so sorry Jim. Binky Free at the Rainbow Bridge :rainbow: Gracie. Big Hugs :hug: Susan and the Gang

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    He is going to Azerane. Rebecca in Australia. He was very excited, he hopes to see a Kangaroo and a Koala Bear while there. He's having a good sleep on the journey over, Susan

    Happy birthday Fraggles!!!!

    Hoppy Belated Birfday Fraggles. We all sure hope you had a wonderful day. Big Hugs Daisy Mae, Winston, Vega and Mommie Susan

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Wendell left on Monday for his next stop, he literally is going to the other side of the world. South Australia.. He is going to be one tired little bunny but so excited to visit Down Under.

    Ozzy and Bailey, binky free.

    I'm so sorry for the loss od your 2 Beautiful Bunnies. Binky Free at the Rainbow Bridge Ozzy and Bailey Hugs Susan:angelandbunny:

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Katie the hat has a rubber band that helps it stay on. Mind you Daisy Mae lets me dress her up and keeps the clothes/hats on. She's a very good bunny.