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    Get to know each other game!

    True The person below me has a Fleming Giant.
  2. Auggie+Snowball+Belle

    Get to know each other game!

    True, assuming you mean the whole forum not just this thread: Lucas The Bun, Jbun, Blue eyes, AVIE, Hermelin (pretty similar to yours). The person below me horseback rides or wants to.
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    How much fruit should I feed my bunny

    I agree with @Blue eyes and fruit should be a special treat. I personally don’t give fruit to them that often because they love other healthier food just as much. But it’s up to you on how often, as long as it’s no more than 1 tbsp per day!
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    smaller and slightly shaped poop

    I think it’s just a little hormone imbalance from the neuter. Their hormones are crazy for 2 months after their surgery. The only thing I can think of besides that is if you introduced a new food that his stomach disagrees with (but that would make the poops mushy and I don’t think your buns...
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    Teaching a rabbit to jump over obstacles?

    Thanks @SableSteel , I’ll have to keep looking into it and if it doesn’t work out, a kitten h one would be fine (unless it’s not fine to use for a rabbit). @Niomi once she gets the hang of it, I’ll probably try doing it without a harness but as you said, at first she’ll need one. I’m probably...
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    Teaching a rabbit to jump over obstacles?

    I will look se cat harnesses up. Thanks for letting me know @Blue eyes and good thing I didn’t use it yet. @Niomi yeah we have a gymnastics mat so I figured that will be fine to set down underneath the jumps. I might try target training but the thing is I read that they should jump because they...
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    Teaching a rabbit to jump over obstacles?

    @Blue eyes thanks, I was reading the thread and it said I needed an h harness? Where can I find those in xl sizes because Belle is now over 10 lbs? This is the one we have, just in blue: If you open it, it kind of looks like an h but I’m not sure if it’s an h harness.. It’s the only one we...
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    Teaching a rabbit to jump over obstacles?

    Hey all. I’m still missing Auggie so much and Belles getting crazier by the day. So we are going to teach her to jump like horses do! Just for fun but we think she’ll absolutely love it seeing how she loves to run around all crazy and jump over baby gates (2 feet tall ones). And it’ll let out...
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    New bunny won’t come out. RIP

    I’m not really sure how to say this but.. Auggie passed away last night. I feel awful but I know we did everything we could’ve to help him. We fed him critical care and syringe fed him water multiple times each day. We gave him his medicine for 5 days. We were gone all day apple picking so I...
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    Orchard Grass Hay -- do most bunnies like it?

    Belle loves orchard grass hay, we always have fed her Timothy but I read it’s good to have a variety. So I bought some of that and am feeding a combination of Timothy and orchard grass hay to both Snowball and Belle (Auggies sick and young so no introducing new food for now). If you do get a new...
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    Why a rabbit is NOT a good child’s pet !

    I agree! We got our first bunny as a family pet when I was like 3. My parents, of course, took care of her and thinking back, she didn’t live very long, maybe 4, 5 years. She lived in our garage in a hutch (even when it was freezing) and we rarely let her out. I was younger then and now I would...
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    New bunny won’t come out. RIP

    Also thought of something. Won’t he hate coming out and probably me now?Because obviously he won’t come out on his own since he’s sick so we have to grab him out of our own. When he’s not sick anymore, will I just have to be really patient? Also, the vet said I should handle him more. Should I...
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    New bunny won’t come out. RIP

    After he came out for a long time yesterday morning, he didn’t come out again. He wasn’t eating or drinking much and hardly moved but he did pee at least once so we waited until today to see how he was. Cleaned his cage and measured exactly how much food and water. He didn’t eat, drink or move...
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    Stop him from digging?

    Well you can’t make a rabbit stop digging, it’s natural to them. Give him some new stuff to dig at like a hay mat or cardboard or anything you don’t mind him digging.
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    Rabbit peeing and seeming in pain!

    Is he peeing more than usual or just a normal amount in a different spot? Did you feed him anything different? Is he eating and drinking fine? Is he neutered? I’d take him to the vet if you’re not sure.