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    Post videos of your buns being cute!!!

    Here it is: NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool, Collapsible Bathing Tub, Indoor & Outdoor Foldable Leakproof Cat Dog Pet SPA for Dogs Cats and Kids
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    Post videos of your buns being cute!!!

    That is a kids play pool and wood chips. Check Amazon for the playpen.
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    Post videos of your buns being cute!!!

    Everyone loves a bunny binkying!
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    Traveling by plane vs. car

    We have not taken SirThumps on a plane but surely some day we will! Please share your experience if you take Lavender on a plane. I would think they would be just fine, although take off might make them uneasy!
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    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    It's basically the cutest thing I have seen, lol
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    Traveling by plane vs. car

    We do road trips with our bun all the time. We have a decent size carrier and will even set up his litter box on the back seat so he has his space. Pretty much open roam on the back seat to himself. But he is also just fine in his carrier for shorter drives.
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    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    Bunny flops are truly the best, I treasure every moment I get to see our bun do this!
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    Is there any lazy way to clean up piles of hay?

    Honestly if you can invest in a Roomba it will be your best friend... we can set schedules for it and it keeps our bun's play area clean day in and day out!
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    What fresh foods or treats do your rabbits like?

    Our little bun LOVES bellpeppers and banana!
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    Back arching

    I agree,, sounds like stretches,, our little guy stretches all the time.. here is a video for comparison:
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    Weird Urine Color

    So sorry to hear of your loss, I couldn't imagine losing such an adored part of the family...
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    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    I will also say, if you put leafy greens next to a bell pepper the bell pepper always wins!
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    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    Wow, in surprised our little guy loves romaine! We also give him, in small amounts, kale, spinach, and arugula, but always small amounts as these are high in calcium and can lead to urinary complications if fed in excess.. always watch for if their pee leaves a white residue...
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    The food game

    Everyone, that is not the food game... this is the food game!
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    Such adorable

    Yes, love the toilet paper roll trick, best way to upcycle! I make it harder for them by folding in the edges