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    Bigger litter box = Bigger mess

    My rabbits went threw a period of digging in their boxes until I covered their bedding up with hay. Its like if they see the bedding ( I use carefresh) they want to dig. That might solve the issue your having.
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    Breed help (future owner)

    I have netherland dwarf rabbits they are pretty small.
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    When my bunnies ears go back does that mean she's scared?

    My female netherland dwarf does that a lot and like others have said it depends on her body language. I can also tell if she wants to be petted just by her ears she will relax them when she wants to be petted if she doesn't want to be petted she holds them really tight to her head.
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    I did it!

    What a cute bunny butt. I am gonna go out and buy that comb not for my rabbits but for my Persian and Himalayan cats. This year the mats are the worse they have ever been and brushing daily and the usual upkeep isn't working as usual. I am glad you posted that and it worked for you!
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    Rabbit Too Small to Spay?

    I have a small female netherland and our vet told us to try and get her to 2 lbs before we had her spayed but we couldn't. She was spayed and it went really well. She weighed 1 pound 6 ozs. Like JBun said you shouldn't have a problem when you go to a good vet with rabbit experience like I did...
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    Benelli My NEW French Angora Doe

    What a beautiful bunny!
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    Hay with mangos?

    I bought a bag with all types of timothy plus hays. I would give them the hay but only a piece or two of the mango or papaya pieces a day I feel if they ate more than that a day it would upset their digestion and possibly give them diarrhea. So if I were you feed the hay but pick threw it and...
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    How much should I be feeding my rabbits

    I have dwarf rabbits they get a little over an 1/8 of a cup of pellets and unlimited timothy hay and orchard grass. I give them romaine lettuce pretty much every day. They both seem pretty picky I try to find something different every week to add to that say like parsley an occasional banana or...
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    Where do you buy your hay online?

    I live in an area where the only farm hay I can get is mainly in huge bales and is Bermuda. My rabbits wont eat it so I mainly order my hay online. I was curious of those people that also order hay online where do you mainly purchase it from? Every couple of months I have to order hay and I sit...
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    My first bunny!!

    I thought of Rupert when I saw him. I personally have never named a pet that but for some reason he looked like a Rupert.
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    How tall of a pen should I buy? 42" or 48"?

    Great 42 should be a good size for your little guy. Discounts are awesome!
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    My first bunny!!

    Do you know what the previous owner use to call him?
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    My new bunnies are home!!

    What lovely bunnies congrats.
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    Cautiously optimistic....

    Sorry for the extra S in Stache's name
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    Cautiously optimistic....

    I am sorry to hear your bunny Staches passed. I think you should go see those two and then you will know if its the right thing for you to do at this time. I think a bonded pair would be wonderful!