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    Can a rabbit pass cat food if they eat hay and drink water?

    Make sure he eats, drinks, and poops. It should be out of his system in less than 24 hours. Hopefully it doesn't upset the balance of his gut bacteria.
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    When my Lionhead girl had a tooth root abscess and had surgery & was on antibiotics and not eating well, I gave her big dried echinacea leaves and she liked them. I think I got them from a health food shop at the time. If I recall right, they boost the body's immunity system by slightly...
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    Rabbit in pain when pee-ing

    I would not try to heal a bacterial infection with home remedies. A bunny's condition can worsen very fast and an infection can spread. And if there's a blockage in the urinary tract by a stone, giving liquid could at worst cause the bladder to burst which is pretty much fatal. The right...
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    Rabbit in pain when pee-ing

    Here's one article about bladder stones. Medirabbit
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    Rabbit in pain when pee-ing

    Aww, sounds like he's had some issues for a while if he has lost fur. Straining to pee is no good, but if a bunny pees/tries to pee very frequently--for whatever reason--there won't be a lot coming out repeatedly. Just wanted to mention that even though it's kind of obvious. A little sound is...
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    Rabbit in pain when pee-ing

    What symptoms does your rabbit have? Peeing everywhere? Making small pees? Sitting in a corner? Flopping really long and changing position? Soaked bottom? Squeaking as he pees or tries to pee? Something else? Is he able to pass urine? Is he eating, drinking, pooping? I've dealt with several...
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    Molar Extraction

    I can only speak for the top rabbits vets in Finland, but they usually do a CT under sedation. Apparently the time in the machine is really, really brief, but of course the things around it take some time. A word of caution though. Had one bunny go into stasis just from the trip to the vet...
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    Dutchess not eating

    How's her eating, drinking, and pooping -- or lack thereof? How long has it been since she ate, drank, pooped herself? Or was watered/fed? How is her behaviour now? A bunny will hide their pain and sadness when they need you the most. Sure bunnies eat some hay at night (at least I think so) and...
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    Rabbit not feeling good

    If it's a UTI and the antibiotics work, the bunny could bounce back and feel so much better in a matter of hours or a day (as long as it hasn't developed a gut slowdown.) Until then, keep the bunny well hydrated, fed if you can, and monitor their poops. If the first antibiotics don't work and...
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    Rabbit Safe Paint?

    I have used "Liberon Bloom Decorative Wood Varnish" and "Osmo Color Wood Varnish" which are liquid waxes/varnishes, approved for children's toys. There are a handful of natural colours available. "Safe enough for a child to put the toy in their mouth," they say. I used those for a few Ikea doll...
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    Rabbit ear tagging, what is this?

    I think it means tattooing the ears. In Finland, registered breeders tattoo their bunnies' ears: the right ear gets a tattoo that identifies the breeder and the left gets a number that identifies the rabbit from that breeder. I read that it's often done in a way that follows the "Nordic rabbit...
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    How long do I do with out feeding ‘nice things’

    When making dietary changes, it's often best to make them gradually so the bun has time to adjust. You could weigh both the bunny and the pellets daily, as well as monitor her poop quality, to keep track of how the changes in her diet are affecting her. Greens are good, as they provide water...
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    Help new mom has blood in her urine

    I've dealt with many rabbit UTIs in my house and the urine rarely had visible (to the eye) blood, and if it did, very small specs. Just my experience though and I usually caught the signs early (and there were no stones involved). Since your bunny has given birth recently, the blood is likely...
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    Dutchess not eating

    Do you mean for herbivores? Carnivore=meat eater, herbivore=vegetarian such as rabbits. Critical Care for Carnivores is not suitable for rabbits. It can take a while to get over gut stasis. As long as she has no blockage or her stomach is not bloated for example, she needs frequent syringe...
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    Help Me Choose A Few Toys For Peanuts Room!

    From a local petshop here in Finland or Zooplus, but Amazon and most petshops in a lot of countries should carry them. :) I like the 25x10 cm size. Too small for my bunnies to go through but affordable and a good size for munching...