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  1. Shedua

    Troubles With Bonding 2 Rabbits

    Hello, I am having some issues with bonding my male rabbit to a new female rabbit I brought home on foster -to- adopt basis. My male rabbit is 4 years old, and the only time he has been around another rabbit was when he was born, so he's a bit body language illiterate. The female rabbit was...
  2. Shedua

    My Rabbit is In Love With a Beach Ball

    My netherland dwarf mix rabbit Mac really really likes these two blow up beach ball toys we have. I've had my rabbit for about two and a half years now, currently he is not neutered. I have been planning on getting him neutered but because of COVID my finances got thrown out of whack for a while...
  3. Shedua

    Rim around rabbit's eye is red?

    I was petting my rabbit Mac this morning before letting him out of his cage for the day, and I noticed one of his eyes has a slight red tint around it that his other eye does not have. The corner of his eye is very red and it looks a tiny bit swollen. When I gently ran my finger over it he...
  4. Shedua

    Rabbit absolutely hates being picked up

    To be honest I don't think I did much to train him; when we first got him he was a couple months old and he wasn't very fond of it then either. I would pick him up for a couple minutes out of the cage he was originally in and then set him down and give him a treat. However the more often I did...
  5. Shedua

    Rabbit absolutely hates being picked up

    So my rabbit Mac has always been against being picked up and held but recently he's been especially stressed about it. If you try to pick him up he will struggle, and I mean REALLY struggle to get out of your grasp, to the point where I get covered in claw marks and he's huffing and puffing for...
  6. Shedua

    What Breed Could my Rabbit be?

    I've had little Mac here for about a year now. I've always wondered what kind of breed he has in him. He is the size of a dwarf rabbit, but he has the long fur around his face like a lionhead. He also has that black otter coloring. He is probably a mutt of some kind. Any ideas of what he could be?