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    Injured baby! Help! Warning, graphic photo!

    I'm not a doctor but either end that little ones suffering or take her to the vet NOW! from what it looks like that looks like a blood clot or a blister of blood or something. Omg best of luck.
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    Guess This Breed!!!

    Thank you so much. Lol. If you had to guess about the little tan orange fluff ball, what would you guess he is.
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    Guess This Breed!!!

    Google says that polish buns don't carry a dwarf gene, but as I kept looking I found pictures of dwarf polish buns, it is possible I'm no scientist. Lol
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    Guess This Breed!!!

    I have always assumed she is some sort of Havana dwarf, she is just over a year old and is very small no more than 3lbs.
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    Free roaming?

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    What breed is my bunny?

    Definitely a loop. Such sweet ears ❤️
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    Guess This Breed!!!

    Hey guys. As some may know my sweet Havana dwarf had a little litter of 2 precious buns. The biggest strongest one is definitely a hotot mix, but we are unsure of what we want to call the little runt who is such a cute peanut, I would love any opinions and let me know what you think! I will...
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    My rabbit is injured. Please help.

    Keep in mind that bunnies are incredibly talented at hiding their pains and illnesses. Be cautious that he unfortunately may be more hurt than he appears. He likely needs an x-ray to make sure his bones are okay. Buns have crazy fragile bones, and because he is so young I would consider that.
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    A Merry Miracle.

    I moved her babes to a nest box of thick cardboard yesterday morning, she took to it very well, she re arranged it the way she likes it, and the babes are slowly getting their peach fuzzz and have nice plump bellies. Mommy is being such a good mommy. Lol
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    A Merry Miracle.

    Update, this video is from yesterday, 3 days old. :3 and mommy is doing great.
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    This YouTuber lorieli and her bun Lennon have some really helpful videos for bunny owners :) enjoy. And feel free to make your own guess, if he is definitely a mix he is likely a mutt of multiple breeds but you can call him a whatever you want. :P
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    Your lovely bun is likely a harleyquinn, he has a beautiful marble coat with upright ears and is cream and black. I would put money on a harleyquinn.
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    A Merry Miracle.

    Here is the best picture I have of them right now. We busted out my DSLR to take a few good ones. Lol excuse that it's a picture of a picture. LMFAO
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    A Merry Miracle.

    Okay I was watching some videos last night about exactly that funny enough. I think I want to transfer them into a nest box for her, because she had nested under a blanket, and the babies are very warm down there, they are technically on the bottom of the cage floor just laying on lots of her...
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    New to forum, just lost my bunny

    I'm so sorry the cremation has already been preformed. :( Buns are absolutely incredible at hiding signs of illness. Please don't beat yourself up thinking there may have been something more you could have done. She is at peace now. ❤️ Sending love from all four of our buns!