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    Too fat or too thin?

    Oh, sorry for not being active, they usually email me my replies! Anyway, it seems you have a Mini Rex, not a Rex so ignore the 10.5lbs maximum weight. a Mini Rex's maximum weight is 4.5lbs so he is perfectly fine! You probably have a Holland Lop, which it's maximum weight is 4lbs (usually they...
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    Too fat or too thin?

    Hi! For now, I would separate them at feeding when they are eating together, also are they purebreds, and do you know what kind of lop you have (if you don't, let me know her weight and I can tell you)? It is also really good to weigh them, your Rex should be a maximum weight of 10.5lbs. There...
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    Holland lop or Mini lop?

    Sable Steel, oh sorry, I meant to say 6.5 lbs minimum, but mini lop mixes can be between 6.5-8lbs. Sorry, I should really re-read my replies! And Hollands are supposed to be <4lbs but there are pet quality purebreds that weigh more (which is why I put 4-6lbs). Thank you for correcting my mistake!
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    Holland lop or Mini lop?

    I'm am so sorry to hear that, who knows, maybe she will turn up out of the blue. Just for an understanding, Holland Lops weigh between 4-6lbs and mini lops usually weigh between 6.5-8lbs.
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    Holland lop or Mini lop?

    Hey, do you know how much she weighs, that could play a key factor in figuring out if she's a mini or holland?
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    Mother Holland Lop Stomping and Biting

    Hi! Wow, I never heard of a mama bunny like her. I think the result of her being aggressive when you go near her babies may be because you had her for a short time before she gave birth. She may not have bonded with you and doesn't trust you. For example, my mini satin mix rabbit "Cinnabun" got...
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    Parents want me to rehome my bunny.

    Firstly, see if you can build your rabbit a larger enclosure or go into a Petco and get some cat fleece mats and cover the wire. It isn't quite suitable or comfortable for your rabbit to be on the wire and it will not help in litter training your rabbit. In order to litter train her, you need to...