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    Rules our slaves should know!

    #53 You should learn to just not ever close the play pen door, I'm a rabbit remember? I'm just gonna keep jumping over it. #54 Boxes and paper are delicious, if you don't want me to eat your DVD's or books or whatever else that's made of paper, then don't leave it on the bottom shelf of the...
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    I don't understand WHY mom gets mad?

    Hi everybodys, thank you :biggrin: My mommy said that she would let me and Enkei have our own bloggy thing where we can talk about whatever we wants. So I wanted to share with you, you wanna see what we doin all the time? Well come and look :coolness: It's A Bun's World Your neighborhood...
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    I don't understand WHY mom gets mad?

    She's always calling me over, and making kissy noises and wanting to pet me and wanting me to come and play, so I don't understand why she gets mad sometimes. Yesterday I saw this little piece of clear thing sticking out from a drawer. I know mommy keeps snacks in there so I thought maybe I...
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    New To Bunny Diets.

    My buns get a bowl of greens twice a day
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    anyone an apartment dweller..

    Live in a small 1 bedroom apartment with my 2 buns, they pretty much own the "dining" area, works out well.
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    Caption Contest #78

    Bunny: if I just stay low they'll never notice I joined the crew and think I'm just another one of these pig things Pig in the middle: Get lower! If they see those long things on your head the jig is up!
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    Before and After

    Best thread EVER =)
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    Caption Contest #77

    Bunny in back: "He doesn't know it yet, but he's about to get jumped, now shhhh, stay quiet and don't ruin my surprise"
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    Can bunnies eat pumpkin? not the puree - the real kind?

    I bought my buns one of those baby pumpkins because they had them at the farmer's market for 69cents, but they nibbled on it a bit, and lost interest. I've read that its' just fine for them, if they are even interested in it. I think I'm going to chop mine in half to see if they at least like...
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    Bun dumps water bowl after I refill it.

    When Dori is "mad" at something, she has that little habit of grabbing the bowl of water and flipping it. They have bowl that attaches to the side of the cage, but the bowl is hanging like on a metal circle thing, so you could actually just lift up the bowl to refill it, so she has learned to...
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    Looking for pictures of bunny beds or spots where they sleep

    My buns sleep where ever they feel like it too, they don't have just one favorite spot. Their cage has different levels, and they are free to roam the dining room and kitchen, so sometimes they feel like sprawling out on the linoleum, sometimes on the straw mat in their cage, or sometimes they...
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    Cinnamon Broom

    So I bought a cool cinnamon broom at Trader Joe's, much like the one in this link: It's in my living room and the scent on it is almost gone, so I was wondering, might I be able to let the buns chew on this? Couldn't find...
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    How do I continue?

    Well I talked to the vet and all her blood work is good, nothing abnormal. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this is just recovery for her. She is still eating, but she still requires some coaxing, she doesn't come and rush to her food bowl, I have to put her favorite greens almost...
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    How do I continue?

    She is around 3 years old, so not very old at all. I'm just glad she has her buddy Enkei to keep her company and lick her ears :)
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    How do I continue?

    Well she's eating and drinking fine now, so the sub q aren't really needed. She has been eating fairly well the past 2 days now, she's been munching down kale and basil and mint leaves. So now her diet and hydration is not as much of a concern anymore, it's her strange demeanor that has be...