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    Gas? GI Stasis? I've never seen this before

    :yeahthat: what Marietta sez... (And of course great info as always from the Mods). :) sas :bunnydance:
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    help..peapoo stinks!

    I think the temperature changes will cause herto molt, but I don't recall hearing anything about shock.Maybe if its too drastic, but bringing her in before the temperaturereally dips shouldn't be too much of a problem. The wildlife around the house is more of aconcern, they mayscare her to...
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    I'm a vegetarian, but I still do eggs and dairy. And I'll slaughter the odd clam or scallop (as long as it doesn't look at me). I'm feeling bad about that, though. I foundmyself saving a fruit fly the other day. Thepoor thing flew into the fridge and I found him on my cheese in themorning...
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    Mocha is sick

    Awesome news! And I love your vet! :highfive: The gut slowdown is almost alwaysthe symptom, not the cause.We've had two serious bouts here, one was a bacterialimbalance caused by aself-inflictedoverdose of oats, and the other started when she stoppeddrinkingwater because of a dental issue.No...
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    Missin my boy too much

    Angel and DJ tried everything to keep Meathead,I read all those posts when they were trying to deal with it, I felt sobad for them. But a big bunny means big hair. :sad: SAS
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    Rabbits Eating Their Young

    huntress wrote: LOL! Yes, just common sense. We digressed to icky bug talkmore than the issue at hand, sorry!
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    Pepper and Dotties thread

    yikes, territorial issues! you maybelong to dottie, and no way does she want pepper cutting in on heraction.her poops are probably a territorial thing,too. you'd better check them both very very carefully to make sure there'sno hidden injuries. infections can set in very quickly (checkout...
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    Mocha is sick

    never did ask what her pee ended up looking like (or if she peed at all). oh well, almost vet time! the best of luck and good vibes to little mochaandangela! SAS
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    HOPPY BIRTHDAY!! LET'S CELEBRATE!!! :elephant::colors::rainbow::penguin::happybunny::bouquet::party::note::groupparty:
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    Mocha is sick

    Hopefully its just an old fashioned tummy ache and she's straining to poop because she hasn't eaten enough for a decent bit of output. If it is her digestive track, then she should be moving around. Of course that wouldn't be a good idea if it was an internal injury or something. Although if...
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    Mocha is sick

    I'd be inclined to give her a little bit of warm water from a syringe, can't think of anything she might have where that would hurt, but I'm no expert. Is her tummy extended? Does she seem gassy? Any noises? SAS
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    Mocha is sick

    ooohhh, not Mocha... please keep us up to date. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: (all i can add is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, quoting dana krempels)
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    JimD's Warren

    JimD wrote: Aww, sweet cuddly Binkie! :angel: Hard to believe after seeing THIS shot. :scared: (Personally, I still wouldn't let Binkie that close to my throat). :sunshine:
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    Rabbits Eating Their Young

    As far as I know, tapeworms come from the pet swallowinga flea that has tapeworm larvae. People can only get them by ingestinginfected fleas as well. The bacon might attract maggots though. SAS :vomit:
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    Actually, I think it's'you guy'! (or 'you girl') Poor Emily (M.E.) has beendoing it allalmost allsingle-handedly! She deservesall the kudos! :great: SAS PS: That's a really cute site!! Great ideas!