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    Returning rabbit lover.... just wanted to say hi

    I'll tell her about your compliment,'ll make her day :-) She already has itin her mind that she wants to be a model, and that complimentwillhave her thinking about it even more! If I canscan a copy of her 5th grade school photo Iwill...... it looks more like a glamour shot then...
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    Returning rabbit lover.... just wanted to say hi

    Thank you for the warm welcome back,everyone..... I'm so sorry that I've been away solong. I always loved coming here, reading about everyone's wonderfulrabbit stories, and all the adventures having a rabbitcreates :-) It's been a chaotic 1/2 year for my whole family since i'vebeenaway from the...
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    Returning rabbit lover.... just wanted to say hi

    I just got an email from Carolyn today, andrealized how long it's been since i've visited Rabbits Only. I stoppedvisiting the board back when my family was preparing for a move, and imight have popped in once since we got the movecompleted..... overall, it's been way too long since i'veseen how...
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    Rabbit Paintings & Portraits

    RaspberrySwirl wrote: Lol.... I want to reply to everyone that posts, so that way no onefeels ignored, but the posts on Rabbits Only do tend to fly by atspeeds that could break the sound barrier. Thank you, Raspberry, for your thumbs up on the painting of the wolves.I get to give the...
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    Rabbit Paintings & Portraits

    dajeti2 wrote: Thanks so much for the warm welcome back, the compliments on the paintings, and the congratulations on the house :-)
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    Nimue might have Tapeworm

    pamnock wrote: Oh my goodness! The new things I learn from reading some of the posts at R.O. just constantly amaze Now i just need to distract myself somehow, so I can get these icky mental images of bot flies and warbles out of my head!
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    one of my newborn babies just died in my hands

    I am so sorry to hear about the little babe'spassing. She's joining a whole litter of bunnies that I just lostearlier this week (there was 5 and they only lived 24 hours) so I'msure that she'll have plenty of companionship until she sees all herloved ones again. Hang in there, and please...
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    How often do you clean their cages?

    I clean all my cages thoroughly once a week, butthere's certain buns at my house that are very, very messy so theircages get cleaned out on a as-needed basis in addition to the weeklycleaning. I estimate it takes me about 2 1/2 to 3 hours on Saturdays toclean all the cages.
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    found fur in bed

    To me, the way it was worded made me think thatthe male rabbit pulled his own fur on his back and sides, and madehimself up a little nest too..... I dont know if this is what Poppymeant, but it's instantly what came to mind for me.
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    fur around rabbits neck

    pamnock wrote: WOW! I had never heard of this until now, and hope and pray that Inever encounter it with any of my bunnies. The pictures is worth athousand words in and of itself.....
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    How Old is Full Grown?

    I agree about the neutered bunny dilema.... iwould think it would be very rare for a petstore to sell their bunniesalready neutered, unless of course it's actually older then they statedand was already neutered when it was originally brought into thepetstore..... that could just be my paranoid...
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    holding our yard/bake sale today

    brimmhere wrote: Good Luck!!!!! I have to say, I dont envy your day in theslightest..... I hate holding yard sales. Then again, I'm deathlyafraid of having to talk to people I dont know. My mother-in-law keepssaying we've got to hold a yard sale, and I keep just taking all myun-wantables to...
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    irishmist wrote: Lol.... i was just going to say I'd have to order 10 regular sizedharnesses for all my bunnies, plus 1 industrial-strength & sizedone for my GIANT Amaretto!
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    irishmist wrote: Oh my gosh!!! That is just way too precious for words! I think that youcould start an enterprise creating crocheted bunny fashions, and peoplewould just buy them up!!!!!
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    the new and bigger ...RAMONAS LAND and friends

    Erin, I just love Ramona! She is beautiful! Herears remind me of my bunny Amaretto's ears..... I love it when rabbitshave spotty markings on white ears. It's just way too cute! and this is way off topic, but I love your bangs.... do you cut themyourself, or do you have a hairdresser do it? They...