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    What to put down on bottom of playpen if my bunny isn’t yet litter trained?

    I use the puzzle mats but they are covered by a really strong blanket
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    bunny only wants hay?

    they ate their romaine lettuce last night. I'm going to keep feeding them watery greens to keep them from getting dehydrated
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    What do you think of what I built?

    I built this hidey house out Of wood scrap I found because they kept destroying the cardboard ones that I make. They aren’t big chewers and they have plenty of other things to chew on
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    bunny only wants hay?

    they checked everything and they said it was either mites or bacteria
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    bunny only wants hay?

    and If they stop eating and drinking I give them critical care?
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    bunny only wants hay?

    the vet couldn't figure out if it was mites or bacteria, so she prescribed trimeth-sulfa and revolution. they have drank from a bowl for over 2 years
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    bunny only wants hay?

    they recently took revolution from the vet and they are currently on Trimeth-sulfa
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    The ban game

    I ban you for having 1270 messages and 675 reaction score
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    bunny only wants hay?

    bubbles and brownie had been drinking less water before they got back from the vet after their scabbing issue. the vet said they were dehydrated and gave them subcutaneous fluids. we have been unable to get greens for multiple days and they have been eating tons of hay. I tried giving them...
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    Bloated Stomach, what to do?

    if it's minor can you give a tummy massage to help pass the gas?
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    Help! I found a big scab near both my bunnies mouths and the scab came off too early

    ok sorry for responding late. the vet sent us home with revolution and some other medicine. I think it's called Trimeth-Sulfa? they couldn't tell if it was bacterial or mites so we give them the revolution and then again in 2 weeks.
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    The food game

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    The food game

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    The food game

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    could bubbles and brownie be show rabbits?

    yes. but that means that they will have a longer life and that is a fine tradeoff