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    Can any tell my what breed my two rabbits are the yellow one is 8 weeks and the white and brown is 12

    They're mixed breeds. They don't really have any defining breed characteristics. I can tell you the colors, though. The 'yellow' one is Harlequin, and the brown and white one is Broken Agouti
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    rabbit shows?

    They are back on in some places. has a show listing. A lot of shows on the west coast and southwest of US won't be back for a while longer, even after COVID-19 cools down, due to the RHDV2 rabbit virus.
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    A question about harlequin rabbits.

    It is both a breed and a color (and recognized in both the US and UK/AUS). The breed itself is pretty rare, I used to raise them. The harlequin breed only comes in the harlequin color but there are many other breeds that come in harlequin color as well.
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    What breed are my rabbits?

    The black one looks like a lop mix, the other one looks like a lionhead mix. You can't really tell specific breeds with rabbit, and if you got them from a pet store, they're probably mixed breeds.
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    What breeds our my rabbits?

    The one on the left looks like he could be a lop mix, probably holland lop mix. The color is chinchilla, but not the breed; the breed chinchilla is quite rare, and holland lops come in chinchilla color so that could be where it gets the color. I'm not seeing much dwarf in the second one (the...
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    Cream Holland lop

    Any of those could work, depending on what you want to get out of her. Breeding to the harlequin and you will likely get more harlequins, breeding to the broken black you'll probably get some chestnuts and broken chestnuts, breeding to the blue tort you will probably get more cream. With a...
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    What colour is my lop?

    Steel means that the end of the fur is tipped with a different color. It can either be gold-tipped, or silver-tipped. Black is for the base color (black, blue, chocolate, or lilac are the most common ones)
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    What colour is my lop?

    The color is "Steel". To be more specific, "Gold-tipped Black Steel", so he'd be a "Broken Gold-tipped Black Steel"
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    Cecotrope Substitute for orphans??

    I would not add it to their formula. I've raised orphaned rabbits before with just putting normal feces (not cecotropes) in their cage, they start munching on them as they get older
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    Favorite books?

    I'm a big fan of fantasy/sci-fi books 1) Watership Down. It's about wild rabbits trying to find a new home, beautiful writing, I would 100% recommend it to anybody on here if you haven't read it yet. The book is even better than the movie, it's a literary classic 2) The Name of the Wind by Pat...
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    Pregnant Doe with 6 week olds.

    It's actually very common to wean babies at 6 weeks. I sometimes do as well (I wean between 6-8 weeks, depending on how the litter and doe is looking, on a case by case basis). In this case I would definitely separate the older babies. You might want to keep them at your place for a few weeks...
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    Breeding Broken Chestnut holland lop to Black tort?

    Is the chestnut broken? You should be able to get opal out of this, as the black tort & the chestnut both carry dilute. You can get a variety of colors from those two: chestnut, opal, black, blue, orange, cream, tort & blue tort though the dilutes are a bit less likely than the non-dilute colors.
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    Your favorite hobby?

    I have too many hobbies! Other than rabbit & bird breeding I do: 1. Writing. I do a lot of creative writing, mostly fantasy & sci-fi genres 2. Drawing. I do lots of art (mostly digital but I have done some traditional art, such as my profile picture on this) 3. Birding. I like to go...
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    Get to know each other game!

    True The person below me prefers books over television
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    Rabbit color - orange?

    Hello This color is called orange in other breeds (and in other countries) but in mini rex in the USA this color is called Red.