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    The Stormhaven Litter System-Step by Step Instructions

    Soooska do realize who I am off the board right?! LOL If you are going to the All About Pets Show in Mississauga this year I can whip one up for you! Actually if there was enough interest in the litterboxes I could make up extra fully assembled litterboxes for anyone interested...
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    Anyone really familiar with bicillin!?

    Hey! I wanted to pick someone's brain regarding bicillin. We have a 5 year old , 5 pound mini lop with a whomping great dental abscess. He had his first surgery on it on November 2nd this year. It involved his jawbone (changes to the cortex of the bone itself)and his two back lower molars on...
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    Help! I'm scared!

    Bot flies are basically harmless. They lay one larvae under the skin of the animal in question, which forms a "warble" in which it lives until mature....the adult fly emerges and the warble collapses. They use the animal as a host to mature but cause no specific harm unless infection sets in...
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    my bunny's mouth and paws are so dirty

    yeah bunn needs to go to the vet asap to rule out any issues. Is her nose running? My concern would be tooth issues or possibly Snuffles (pasturella). That is not a normal condition for a bunn...the sooner she sees a vet the better. That is not just a groooming issue...there is an...
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    I go on Vacation and now no litter box?!!

    I had to go to India in 2009 for spinal surgery. We had 8 rabbits at the time and had to be away from homefor 3 weeks. We got back home to find not one rabbit would use their litterbox. On top of that...if I tried to talk to any of them they would turn and sit with their back to me. I...
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    Spay done today... not feeling so great.

    bunch of goobers. :grumpy: I would def be asking for a refund. Or a credit for future services...which might be even better.
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    Spay done today... not feeling so great.

    The Metacam makes a big difference! She will be a little zoned out for a bit... hopefully in the morning she will be feeling a bit better. Some bunns are just more sensitive to pain than others...if she isn't eating in the morning she may need another dose of Metacam to set her straight again...
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    Our bunny's messy droppings

    We tend to shop all over the place! :D We are in we never find all we want at one store. PetSmart is a good place to start...most of what we buy (except food) usually comes from an online store like MontrealCritters...or Flowertown Chinchillas. Then again we have 11 bunns so when we...
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    Our bunny's messy droppings

    Hi there!;) What type of pellets are you feeding her? Usually the main culpret when you have a bunn with messy leftover cecotropes. Bunns produce cecals as a source of nutrients and vitamins! BUT if they are producing more than they need they won't eat them and you end up with that...
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    Vet said no pellets at all?

    Hey Susan! JW tend to about the size of a Lionhead...but fuzzier! We had two gorgeous JW girls at the All About Pets Show this year! Mocha colouring...<sigh> (down girl...put the bunny down and back away slowly!):biggrin2:
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    Vet said no pellets at all?

    My vet is the same way with pellets. He likes hay and veg...with no pellets. What type of pellets are you feeding? Are they alfalfa or timothy based? How old is your bunn? If your bunn is eating alfalfa and is over 6 months...try changing over to timothy pellets...once they are between 6-9...
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    Distressed Shelter Rabbit in New Home

    Is she spayed? I'm reminded of our bunn Sophie. She was an angel at the shelter, and hell on wheels when we got her home! :D It usually takes a few days in a new home for a bunn to really get its feet under it... and it sounds like she is getting ready to take on the world now! :biggrin: We...
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    Licking Fabrics

    I called Febreeze (our kidslick it too) long as they aren't drinking it or getting excessive amounts, Febreeze says they are just fine and it is safe. Ours are partial to Lavender and Vanilla Comfort! :)
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    400 Bunnies Rescued from a breeding op in Northern Ontario!

    Contact RR and see what can be arranged! They have many members and may be able to arrange transport. You will have a better idea of what health issues they have and whether or not they could be in contact with other animals or not! It won't hurt anything to see what can be arranged...
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    400 Bunnies Rescued from a breeding op in Northern Ontario!

    Hi Susan! The rescue effort is being directed by Rabbit Rescue. OREO is just helping spread the word. They will be spaying and neutering every rabbit that comes in as well as providing them with medical every singlecent will help! Here is their link for donations...