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    A warning for dog owners

    Anyone who feeds their dog chocolate, gum, candies, and toothpaste are idiots and shouldn't be allowed to have pets. Also, if dogs are getting sick and are even dying from consumingxylitol, it must not be very good for humans or other animals. Thosewho use sweetners like Splenda and other...
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    Rabbit Walking Stick

    You can get it at
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    Those of you with free-range bunnies...

    My girls refuse to use their litter box, but reserve a corner for their business. When they are out roaming the living room, they usually jump back into their cage to do their business, then come back out to play. At least they're a bit considerate! ;)
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    Your adult bun's daily menu

    Charlotte and Vendetta eat out of the same bowl and are very good about eating equal amounts (they both way 3.25 pounds). They share a heaping 1/3 cup of Oxbow Bunny Basics T (timothy hay pellets), about two cups of spring mix salad, a couple baby carrots or a couple of small peppers, and of...
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    Twisted red bunny book

    I love Bunnywith and the Book of Bunny Suicides.
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    Worse date stories

    "Ryan" took me to a Michelle Branch concert a summer or two ago. He picked me up in his mom's SUV which reaked of poppurri. There was a long awkward moment of silence between each subject we spoke of. It was so uncomfortable. We got to the show, the musician performed. Michelle Branch was...
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    I want a dog so so badly!

    Didn't you post earlier that you're 22 years old and you recently got engaged? Maybe you should move out, then get a dog.
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    Things that are really ANNOYING!

    People who feel the need to resort to high school behavior because it makes them feel "young and hip" again. (High school behavior meaning cussing every other word, using "like" every other word, wearing a minimal amount of clothes, showingP.D.A., typing lyke dis, etc.)
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    Dogs that luv buns?

    Pet_Bunny wrote: Those two are just adorable together! I love the picture even though poor Pebbles is being smooshed.
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    paralyzed blue tailed skink

    I think it is so wonderful that you take in these injured animals that most people would just push aside. Your skinks and your toad are absolutely adorable. Good luck on rehabilitating them! I wish there were more people like you.
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    Cheap lot of Apple Chew Sticks on eBay w/free shipping

    I bought apple sticks from him several times. My rabbits love them!
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    People using laptops watch out! Things may get a bit TOO hot!

    I use a Dell Inspiron 1100 :shock:
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    June Litters

    minilops wrote: I'm in love! :inlove::hearts:
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    Peapoo,Petey &Friends

    peapoo_bunny wrote: The pictures of Peapoo and Max together make my heart melt.
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    New borns blog

    My goodness! They've grown so much! I would love to personally watch baby bunnies grow.