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    Culture Help- Please Hey Guys, I recently took Pablo to his vet. He has been battling a case of the snuffles for some time now. They had him on Probiocin and Baytril for a month or so. I noticed it was still not getting better. I finally sent out a nasal culture and the results came back...
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    Where do you keep your rabbits?

    Herm, what litter do you recommend?
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    Help me identify my baby boy.

    Hey guys I recently became the mommy to a beautiful baby boy. He is a holland lop he is 8 weeks old. The breeder said he was a holland lop. Today when I went back to get some supplies from her I saw her daddy he was quite big which made me worry that my baby was a mini lop. I asked the breeder...
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    How do I get rid of the smell!!?

    Which ones do you use?
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    Musky smell in the room

    It could potentially be the Scent Glands, they tend to produce a rather musky/skunky scent.