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    One of my babies died last night.

    Hey all I had 4 beautiful baby rabbits from the mum, Bunny.One died of pneumonia at age 3 weeks. The others were sooooo healthy, and progressing really well. However, last night I got home and was unboxing their new goodies from Amazon (grass bed, tunnels, play pen etc) and put some parsley in...
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    Baby bunnies unwell.. should I take them to the vet?

    Hi guys I’ve got 4 lovely Netherlands Dwarf babies who have been really really healthy, they are on day 20. They are out of the nest now. Yesterday one of them had the sniffles, you could hear a little squeaking noise when it was breathing, I isolated him in a warm blanket inside a cat bed next...
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    Help! My doe has given birth and has harmed kits trying to make a nest?!

    So my rabbit has given birth to four beautiful babies. They are 3 days old and all really healthy. Their fur is already growing and they have round, warm bellies. This evening I found her frantically digging at the nest box and scratched one! It was bleeding a tiny bit but they all seem fine and...
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    Baby bunnies pending! Please help!

    So they’re here! All warm, round bellies and very active!
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    Baby bunnies pending! Please help!

    Hi. Thanks for your reply and all that information. Firstly, the buck was removed as soon as I saw her nesting. I’m not 100% sure when she would’ve bred, as they had been together a little while. It’s definitely not a false pregnancy as I’ve just seen little movements in her belly when laying on...
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    Baby bunnies pending! Please help!

    Hey! So I took my bunny to the vet about a week and a half ago, suspecting she was pregnant. The vet said she is not although I was certain she was. Well, the past couple of days she’s been gathering so much hay in her mouth and making a little nest in the corner of her cage. Today she has been...