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    2018 Cages

    Here's our new cage! We moved to a tiny apartment (468 sq ft, 2 bedrooms with a roommate) so the bunnies are sharing my room with me. I wanted a cage that looks nice and I also wanted to prevent them from ruining the hardwood floors if they pee outside the litter box. I have an Iris pet playpen...
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    Getting a dog

    Hi folks. I've been wanting a dog for as long as I can remember but have always told myself that I won't until after the bunnies are gone. But an opportunity just came up for me to take in a shih tzu, and after doing lots of research on the breed, I think it could be safe. The bunnies are used...
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    How do you store everything?

    I love this advice! Super helpful. I'll attach a photo of the floorplan I finally came up with for the room. The bed will be 18" tall and I'll store their boxes of hay, pellets, litter, and their travel cage under there. The two things near the windows are 45" storage ottomans from Walmart which...
  4. Tiny shared room layout

    Tiny shared room layout

  5. rhianna

    How do you store everything?

    Hi folks! So I'm having a dilemma. I am moving out of my parents' home and into a TINY (468 sqft, to be exact) 2 bedroom apartment. The bunnies will be sharing a 10x12 bedroom with me and there is no closet. Currently, I store most of their things in a wardrobe in my room, except their pellets...
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    2017 Cages You've Made

    Two tiny fluffballs have taken over my room. I blocked off about 1/3 of it to contain my bed (which they would pee all over if given the chance) and everything I care about. The rest is free for hopping/destroying. There's a baby gate in the doorway and their cage is never closed. Unfortunately...
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    I've caught a stray

    Thought I'd post an update here a year and a half later! Unfortunately I decided that I didn't have the space or money to keep Wallace and I ended up finding a wonderful new home for him with a family who had recently lost their spoiled pet bunny. I've received updates on him here and there -...
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    Neutered & Bonded, now suddenly mounting?

    Aki, Thank you for easing my concerns! I thought it was probably something along those lines, but I wanted to make sure. The boys are still sorting it out and there have been no signs of aggression so I'm just going to leave them to it. And I thought the same thing about his name... he's...
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    Neutered & Bonded, now suddenly mounting?

    I have a pair of neutered male bunnies named Bear and Jean-Luc. Bear is 3 years, 3 months old while Jean-Luc is around 2-2.5 years old but I don't know for sure. I had Bear neutered over a year ago, and Jean-Luc had been neutered before I got him. These guys have been bonded very successfully...
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    Rescue bun might need a new home

    I posted a separate thread on here about Wallace the bunny who I found in my yard. He had been living out there for a month or so and I finally was able to catch him about two weeks ago. Today Wallace went to the vet for a checkup and my vet commented on how great his health is, how beautiful...
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    2015 Cages You've Made

    I didn't exactly make this cage but I hope I can still post it here. I bought an old used Bunny Abode condo for $100 from someone whose rabbits were not litter trained. The wood and floors were all stained and caked in dry calcium. It was gross. I don't have any before pictures handy but believe...
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    I've caught a stray

    Your replies have been very helpful, thanks a ton. I have been keeping a very close eye on him since the incident. I moved him up to my room (separated from my other bunnies who live in here) and have not noticed anything unusual. I will definitely be telling the vet about it and ask her to...
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    I've caught a stray

    I have changed the bunny's name to Wallace because I think it suits him better. He settled right in and has been loving the indoor domestic lifestyle. He's managed to escape from a makeshift NIC cage as well as a 3.5 foot tall x-pen, so right now he's back in the dog crate. I've decided to keep...
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    I've caught a stray

    Thanks for all your replies. I ended up bringing him inside last night. He's in my basement in a dog crate. Once he settled down he became very tolerant of me handling him. I found that he is indeed an intact male bunny. He has fleas like crazy so I gave him a dose of Advantage for kittens which...
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    I've caught a stray

    A few weeks ago I came home from work to my dad telling me that he saw a "huge white hare with red eyes" in our yard. I knew this wasn't a wild hare from this description. A few days later I saw it with my own eyes. The rabbit is about twice the size of a normal hare, much chubbier, and overall...