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    RESOLVED: Checkered Giant and Mini Rex buddies need new home

    I found a new home for my bunnies
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    RESOLVED: Checkered Giant and Mini Rex buddies need new home

    I am rehoming them because I don't have time/(more)space/funds for them anymore. It upsets me that they don't get out to binky and enjoy themselves. I know they would be happier with another family that interacts with them and lets them out of the cage to socialize.
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    RESOLVED: Checkered Giant and Mini Rex buddies need new home

    These buns are still looking for homes. If anyone located near fremont, mi is interested please email me. Price is negotiable I want them to find a home that will care for them and let them out to binky! below is an online ad so you can see pictures and read more about them...
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    RESOLVED: Checkered Giant and Mini Rex buddies need new home

    Is there anyone looking for a pair of bunnies with great potential of being house rabbits? They are litter box trained and neutered. Polo is the checkered giant. He's guessed to be 5 years old and he is a dominant bunny. Potter is the mini rex who is around 2 years old and is submissive. The...
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    Making a hard decision...

    Where is there play area? Do you bring them in?... I don't understand what you mean "do you bring them in" they are inside in a two level (technically 4 level but 2 of the levels are just stepping "jumps")NIC cage I made. Their play area when I let them out use to be in one or two connected...
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    Making a hard decision...

    Thanks for your replies. I wish I could give them more of my home with an attached xpen play area from their cage but I just don't have the space.
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    Making a hard decision...

    Ok so let me say I've been going back and forth on this and I feel bad about it but I just don't know so I am posting to get your comments, all of them - good or bad. I want to read what you guys have to say. I've had my two bunnies for about a year now.The goal was to make them house bunnies...
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    Rabbits just started not using the litterbox?

    they both pooped there but Polo is the only one that peed there. I've never had any issues in the cage with them both in there before.
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    Rabbits just started not using the litterbox?

    My two boys have been living together for 3 weeks or so now and everything was going great. BUT yesterday my big boy peed on the top level (litter box is on the bottom level) and hes never not used the litter box. Then this morning when I wake up there was a lot of poops on the second level! Any...
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    Bonding Questions!

    Here's my response, I'm a new to the rabbit scene so I don't know if my "facts" are truly facts for everyone, but I believe them to be true. Did she grunt to say "Stoppit, I'm done with you doing this"? Usually when a rabbit gunts, as far as I know.., it’s an unhappy noise. She’s...
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    What do you use as an exercise pen?

    I got a 36 inch high exercise pen with a door for less than 60 bucks. WITH shipping!
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    I want to get my first tattoo

    I got my first tattoo on my ankle that goes all the way around except one little spot. It was fine until the needle had to go around the bone or over the tendon. That was terrible, but worth it in the end! I did say during that part I'd never get another tattoo and I got another one a year...
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    nic cage question

    If you've got a kmart in your area they sell 6 cubs for 19.99. the brand is "stor"
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    should I feel bad?

    Thanks guys, I feel no guilt now having brought rabbits into my life. I also think my mother dislikes pets anyway so she comes up with stupid reasons why I shouldn't have gotten them. My brothers girlfriend reason was somewhat logical considering they would come over BUT life changes, get over...