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    Rabbit names

    Mine are Harley my Holland lop showbunny and Penelope my 8 week old Dutch she will also be a showbunny!☺
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    Will he be disqualified?

    Also he isn't missing his whole nail but he broke mostly all of his quick of So would that be fine to still show him?
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    Training / Stopping a Behavior Question

    Hmmm... Hard to say everybody has different Ideas but I would probably say No and do the down command but don't be to harsh when saying No just keep working on it and he will eventually get it rabbits are smart animals!
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    Will he be disqualified?

    I Meant thank you so much!☺
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    Will he be disqualified?

    Ok thankos! one of his tonsils he just broke off barley past the quick and you can barley see a little bit of white on the toenail and the other one he broke basically his whole entire nail off
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    Will he be disqualified?

    Ok thanks he is a Holland lop so does that mean he would be okay or not? Sorry I don't know a ton just starting out☺
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    Will he be disqualified?

    So my rabbit broke 2 of his toenails and I am going to be showing him on 5/18/19 and I was wondering because of that will he be disqualified? . Thanks!