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    Moving Bunny Outside

    Thanks! We don't have very extreme weather here. In Idaho, it's very common to raise bunnies outside, and I'm very excited to have my bun outside. He'll have a run, and a predator safe hutch. He'll have much more room and exorcise time and he'll be much happier outdoors. I just want to make sure...
  2. rachaeeelanneee

    Play pens

    I don't have a specific brand to recommend, but I'd get an xpen and either make sure it's really tall, or that you get a cover for it, or that it's already enclosed. Otherwise your bun could hop out!
  3. rachaeeelanneee

    Cardboard creations?

    I made a maze for my bun Moo, that he has destroyed.. I need to make anther one, but he loved it!
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    Moving Bunny Outside

    Thanks for the advice @Bville!
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    Moving Bunny Outside

    85 in the shade, with an cooling block, ice water bottle, and water spritzer isn't too hot. Many people have bunnies outside in worse than 85. And there's like maybe 3 days out of the whole summer that are that hot. I love my bun and he'll have more room and a much happier time in his outdoor...
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    Corgi puppy and bunny?

    I have a Pom and it gets along with my bun great! The play through the buns cage and give each other kisses. I open the cage to feed Moo, and my pom couldn't care less. He leaves Moo alone. I'd say small breed, non hunting breed, dogs would be the best to look into. Good luck! 😊
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    Moving Bunny Outside

    The highest it gets in Idaho(where I'm at) in the summer is like 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's not till the end of July/beginning of August. I'm more worried about the cold because he hasn't been outside, he's been in my bedroom, so he doesn't have a thick coat. He's used to room...
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    Moving Bunny Outside

    It's a mini personal heater, it only does really low heat, and it's kept in a box outside of the hutch, just pointing towards him. It's pretty much a fan that has room temperature air blowing. My bun hasn't been outside so he doesn't have his winter coat. I'm worried about the cold being too...
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    Living alongside a rabbit in your bedroom?

    My bun lives in my room, but after almost 2 years, I can't handle it any more. He's going to move outside, because I think we'll both be much happier with that arrangement!
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    Bunny wheel

    That's amazing!! I want one for my bun!!
  11. rachaeeelanneee

    Moving Bunny Outside

    Hi everyone! It's almost springtime where I'm from, and I am building (it's almost done) a hutch for my Moo (he's a holland lop😊). He will be moved outside, and I was hoping for some advice on that. He will have a heater to keep him warm enough until summer. I was just wondering if...
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    Hello! Looking to buy/adopt a bunny!

    I have a holland lop and a pomeranian. They give each other kisses through my buns cage. Holland lops are a very good breed! :)
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    2014 Cages You've Made

    It looks great! But I hope you're going to cover the top, otherwise your bun can and will probably escape.
  14. rachaeeelanneee

    Small area housing ideas

    24" is only two feet tall. We need to keep in mind how high buns can jump. My bun was in an xpen but started getting so excited when he saw me that he'd jump out. I would not recommend an xpen that short..
  15. rachaeeelanneee

    New here! Holland Lop Cuteness Inside!

    I put down a cheapie fleece blanket on the bottom of Moos cage, washable, reusable, and comfortable for the bun. Wouldn't recommend towels though, because if the bun eats the towel, the strings can get caught inside the buns tummy and cause lots of problems.