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    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Bunny: Photos.... please! (sarcasm) maherwoman wrote:
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    The Happy Bunny Family

    Super cute bunny photos, especially like the first 1.
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    The Funniest Habbit of my Bunny

    My bunny runs around the cage stomping its feet! :D
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    Anderson Family Zoo

    Cute bunny :)
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    Hormones effect lop ears?

    I don't hormones would affect "ear flop", usually this is simply a result of ear size increasing.
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    Is this brand of hay good?

    Looks good to me! :D
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    Try placing a piece of plywood in the rabbit's cage to give it something to wear its nails on.
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    Bunny translating?

    Some rabbits are naturally very territorial, don't be alarmed.
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    What is the ultimate rabbit treat?

    Try feeding carrots or a slice of bread! :biggrin:
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    fur changing colors? normal?

    @AstiBunners Although I don't raise lops, I know this happens to my Californians in the summer time. In the winter their markings are black and in the summer time they are much lighter.
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    in need of rabbit help ASAP

    If you have more than one doe you can try fostering them, For more info on fostering check out: http://raisingrabbits.us/
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    Rabbit In-breed Effects

    Yes I believe it is a result of in breeding, I had this exact same thing happen before and several of the kits had a foot issue, so yes it probably is due to in breeding. Katmais_mommy wrote:
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    always tips head to right???

    This could be a sign of ear mites, check her ears to make sure she doesn't have an infestation.
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    Gut issues (again)... What could I be missing/not doing?

    To help prevent gut issues in the first place I feed my rabbits grass hay, with plenty of fiber.