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    shedding of the hair

    how long have you had him? how old is he?
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    Brittany's Pet Blog :)

    Lol! Awe, the broken orange reminds me of my first bun *sniff*
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    Brittany's Pet Blog :)

    Oh! They're so precious Brittany!!!
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    Possibly getting turtle

    Baby red eared sliders are legal to sell where I am, it will be different everywhere. A red eared slider gets to be roughly the size of a dinner plate, and females can get even bigger. At least 100 gallons is needed by the time the turtle is two. No smaller than a 50 before that, I'd say. It...
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    entropion help

    I've had this surgery done to a chow chow I once had (chows are notoriously prone to this). She got all four lids done for about $2500. I'd say $500 is a steal. The old owner did say she wanted updates. Perhaps update her on this and ask her to split the cost, considering her negligence...
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    Anyone Watching Their Weight?

    mistyjr wrote: I'm on Sparkpeople, too! I don't actually track anything anymore, because I ended up getting a little obsessed. But I love reading the articles and going there for motivation.
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    Anyone Watching Their Weight?

    Good for you! I've seen many successes from that surgery when I used to work as a bra fitter.
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    Bunnies...And Other Very Important Things

    Lol! Ebay, ladies! I also got these, in a size slightly larger than my goal size (so I can tailor to fit, if necessary): And this is the dress I purchased for the dinner we're having after the wedding, except I had it made in powder-blue instead of white:
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    Anyone Watching Their Weight?

    jujub793 wrote: Yay, Julie! Good for you! I agree, I'm eating so much it is ridiculous. I have salad at least once every day and it's so huge, I can barely finish it!
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    Bunnies...And Other Very Important Things

    I know, right? That's what everyone keeps saying in the reviews, that the water is the clearest they've ever seen. I can't wait! I also have to mention that I have officially lost 13 lbs! People are now telling me that they notice a difference, which feels amazing. Actually, I haven't...
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    Spaying may help.
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    New Photo Contest?

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    Buying Hay from Farmers

    I looked into getting a bale frome my local livestock feed store, and decided against it. The man said that they couldn't guarentee if it was infested with bugs or even mice. :shock: Gus isn't a huge hay eater anyway, so it takes him awhile to get through a bag from the store.
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    Anyone Watching Their Weight?

    Thank you for the concern, but I promise I'm doing this right :). Five months to lose 50 lbs = 10 lbs a month, or 2/2.5 lbs a week, which is still considered healthy. A body that is used to eating unnecessary junk foods will initially lose weight quickly if those foods are cut out of the...