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    My rabbit isn't moving much

    Hi, My rabbit Pippa is about 9 months old and she is a dwarf lop rabbit. She recently was desexed on Thursday, 4 June 2020. She has been fine for a couple days but I played with her for a bit and she didn't move around much. I haven't seen her eat much either. We are planning on taking her to...
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    Rabbit Breed and Age?

    I am not really sure what breed she is, but I think she may be a little younger than what the vet said. Apart from that, it is awesome that you decided to keep her and take her home with you, she looks adorable. Hope the bonding goes well :D
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    How can I prevent yellow bunny feet?

    My baby rabbits when I got them had yellow feet. They had this because their cage was lined with hay. You can use a good type of litter in the litter box and a hay rack, and make sure that it is a good size so the hay is properly contained in the rack.
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    1st time bunny owner

    I suggest getting a new cage, maybe build one from C and C/ NIC grids as this is a cheap option and you can make the cage bigger or smaller, and whatever shape that suits you. Make sure you avoid splitting up as their bond can break and you may need to rebond them over time. Hope you enjoy...
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    Excessive cecotropes with strictly Timothy hay diet

    Maybe just talk to the vet, also if you can feed pellets (not a huge amount) but make sure that you aren't feeding your rabbit just hay, as it isn't really something to feed a rabbit all by itself. Hope this advice works, just see a vet to be sure!
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    Proper diet for a bunny under 6 months?

    I have two 2-month old rabbits right now, I suggest feeding Oxbow's young rabbit pellets if you can find them, they are very good for babies :) Maybe try to feed a little more pellets so your bunny can get more of the calcium he needs. It's awesome that you are feeding him veggies, but maybe...
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    How to get a rabbit to eat more hay

    Have you tried oat/en hay?? My rabbits were in the same situation as yours, but I switched to oaten hay and they liked that more..
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    Bunny died today :(

    Aww that's so sad, he sounds like he had a long and happy life. I'm sure that he was an amazing rabbit. Rest In Peace :(
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    aww hope she gets better! definitely try going to your nearest vet. hope she's ok!