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    Rabbit Show Jumping

    http://www.canadianrabbithoppingclub.com/ They are from Calgary and very active in the sport. They are members on this forum too.
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    Edmonton Humane Society

    https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=888647737813835&set=vb.121736011171682&type=2&theater Bunny adoptions are going on now. $40 for a spayed/neutered bunny.
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    Calgary Humane Society (2014.09.19)

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    Edmonton - Alfalfa and Timothy Bales

    Just catching up on the updates. Yes I do get my hay from Irving Creek Farm(feedneeds.com). They are only 20 minutes away from our place. I use to buy 6 or 7 bales at a time and drop them off at all the different bunny friends in Edmonton. But most of them go themselves to get their own hay now.
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    Looking for a Vet - Edmonton Area

    Good to hear things went well with Kahiku. Many of us (Edmonton) on this forum knows and goes to Dr Steele at the South Side Animal Hospital. Sophie's Humble Servant, I know Dr. Julie King too. She treated Pebbles several times at the Town Centre Vet Clinic. Dr. King also works at the...
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    Sophie croaked like a bullfrog!

    How did you choose Sophie when you adopted her at the shelter? Was there other rabbits that you considered? I volunteer with the rabbits and I am trying to recall when she was there. What was her shelter name? Did you talk to the shelter staff (probably Alyssia) who would handle and know...
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    Edmonton Alberta CANADA

    For the first time that I could remember, the Edmonton Humane Society has no rabbits available for adoption.
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    Edmonton Humane Society

    In April, 2008, I became involved with the first mass surrender of (211) rabbits and was recruited by Stephanie (the EHS CEO) to be a volunteer. With no orientation and mentoring, I had access to the rabbits. It wasn't until June 2009 I officially became a volunteer and began recording my hours...
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    Just need to vent--still very p'od

    Sorry to hear what is happening to you. Things like this seems very common. Our neighbor who lived at home and caring for her mother, is in a situation where other members of the family that we never saw or knew of, is battling for the house and belongings when the mother passed away.
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    Sophie croaked like a bullfrog!

    How is Sophie today? Many bunnies don't like brooms in their area, and will protest. Some will lunge, others may bite at the broom. Perhaps she was moody after her Vet visit. Is her nose still running? It was cold and windy that day. Usually when I transport rabbits, I would place a towel...
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    2014 ~ How is everyone? News and updates.

    It's been ages and I rarely check on the forum, unless I get a message from a member here. I have connected with many on Facebook, but for some, the only way to keep in touch is through RO. I don't remember where or if there was a section that people in the pre or post Buck era that could...
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    RIP Mocha & Zoey

    So sorry to hear this MyBabyBunnies. It's been a long run since you started with Spice and Mocha. Mocha is around 11 years old. That is when I first met you on the forum. Even sadder when Mocha and Zoey have left you with no bunnies in your home now. Binky free Mocha and Zoey. Now the...
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    best pellet food?

    Find out where the Breeder got their pellets from. You could even try to buy some off the Breeder. At this age, your bunny is eating Alfalfa based pellets, so check the ingredients on the back of the packages when you do buy food for him. Many favorites here are Martins, Oxbow, Zupreem.
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    Bonding boys!

    Two fixed males that lived together can start fighting over the smallest issues, and had to be separated for the rest of their lives (one lived upstairs and the other lived downstairs). They did get along with two other female rabbits, but that was only when they took turns being in the room by...
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    Question... Adult or Senior aged?

    Most bunnies are mature by 6 months. Some are able to be spayed/neutered as early as 3 months old. Pebbles a Netherland Dwarf lived to 6 years. She could of lived longer if she didn't have her ongoing head tilts and sneezing.