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    Thanks! Everything you told me helps a ton!
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    I haven't been on here for ages... Buuut, I do have a question. Is fleece a safe material for rabbits?
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    Sorry for the delayed response. I know it's too late (I've been out of town and busy with other things). Iwish I could have helped. I can't drive...nor do I have a car though. But as soon as I can legally drive, I will be helping out with anything that I can. Good to hear you got them spayed.
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    I think it's good that they put the little disclaimer at the bottom. :)
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    Disapproving Bunnies-(Now Closed)

    She was getting upset at the tube. I think it's a really funny picture, but Maggie probably doesn't. :P
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    Happy House Bunnns

    I'm really sorry about the big pictures, but photobucket isn't letting me resize them. :? Maggie sitting on HER couch: And Belle giving me a weird look:
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    Latte is bleeding! RESOLVED

    Glad that he's doing better. :)
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    Have you ever seen them sleep?

    I've caught what I assume to be Maggie sleeping. She like sleeping under a chair that's upstairs, where the carpet is really soft. But whenever I enter the room, she jumps up and goes into play mode. Belle is more layed back, but I don't really remeber her ever sleeping.
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    I'm so happy!!!

    Awh! That's such great news! Congrats!
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    An Offer for Members (Posted with Pipp's Permission)

    That sounds like a lovely idea. :)
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    Nic cage question

    What about just a piece of vinly or something? Or maybe a plastic chair mat?
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    Max's new home

    Congrats on the new addition!! He'sa cutie! I was reminded of the name Vincent or Dominic. I totally like the name Captain as someone suggested.
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    Winston and Vega

    They're gorgous!! :biggrin2: Daisy Mae's face is priceless!!
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    Vinyl in hutches

    I have NIC cages for both my girls. Both are three levels high and have vinly flooring. In Belle's cage, there's cardboard for the second and third level. And in Maggie's cage, there's cardboard just on the third. Belle loves to sit there and shred the cardboard, it's like Christmas for her...
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    Teeth Trimming

    Awh! Poor thing! ButI'm surehe understands that it's for his benefit.