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    New Non-bunny addition to the family!

    thank you guys. :)
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    Peapoo, Petey, & Friends 2007

    they each have their favorite place... Picasso in the hutch Puck on top the hutch Pepper beside the hutch. silly boys cant keep the dirt out of the water.. it has to be changed constantly! so what is the difference between a rex and minirex? Picasso is 5lbs.. Puck is 4.5lbs...
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    Peapoo, Petey, & Friends 2007

    Bunny pile! cuddles! Pepper and Puck Pepper and Picasso half their run.. they love to sit in that back corner in the shade. what you want mom?
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    RESOLVED: Help! My Bun (Nala) needs a new home :(

    awe i am so sorry to hear this... i hope things work out and you can keep Nala.. i know how it is to loose a bunny.. i always liked how Nala and your dog got along so good.. it reminds me of how Peapoo was with my dogs Max and Mookie.
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    Texan Tales (& Tails) - by TinysMom

    oh my goodness.. the bunny in the pictures above is so cute! english lop? i want him/her! just send it to nc ok? haha.
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    Peapoo, Petey, & Friends 2007

    wow this hadst been updated in forever.. alright.. so first of all...ive had pepper for a couple of years now.. and he is a sweetie.. he is kind of skittish at times and startles when u first get out with him.. but then he calms down and enjoys being petted and getting nose rubs especially... he...
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    Henry Pictures

    oh my goodness he is adorable! how much time does it take to keep his coat up?
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    Oh crap here we go again!

    awe he is adorable!! and he does look well cared for... oh yeah.. ive had a bunny go missing that looks just like that.. hahaha ;)
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    what are the chances?

    Gidget the hamster This is Picasso... named for his markings..and im trying to find a picture of Puck.. they are brothers.. Puck is just black.. having trouble finding a picture of him though..
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    what are the chances?

    ok.. i found some old pictures.. they are a lot older than this now.. this is like a month after i got them.. they are about 9months old now i think.. maybe 10 im not sure.. have it written down somewhere.. well.. the date i got them anyways.. obviously dont know their exact age.. lol.. ok so...
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    what are the chances?

    Hey everybody! Havent been on here in so long.. just wanted to take a minute and catch up with you all... hope everythin is going good with everyone.. how are yall?? so lets update on some things around here.. we have quite a few new furry additions to the family... we have Gidget the...
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    Bun wont chew

    what about the cubes of hay? i know.. well.. for my hamster at least it helps keep his teeth worn down.. and he wont chew much else.. he doesnt actually eat it though.. he just tears it apart mostly.
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    New Non-bunny addition to the family!

    Just wanted to post an update on here... we ended up having to find Soldier a home.. he turned out to be kind of crazy.. would bolt on you and buck etc.. duffy however has turned out to be amazing! she is the perfect riding horse and a big sweetie. hopefully will update on the bunnies soon and...
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    Bonding Pepper and Elliot

    each side of the run would be three panels wide and seven panels long... thats big enough for each bunny isnt it?? plus if i add shelves?? i think that is what im going to do.. im off to walmart to buyzipties and stuff to do shelves!