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    Thought this was fun

    Parsnip What kind of small animal are you? Bunny Monster How old are you? A year and a bit Where did your owner get you? The local pet shop. Mummy and daddy went for one bunny for daddy's birthday. Mummy fet in love with me and so they got 2 Do you have any other animal friends living...
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    Parsnip is off his food

  3. parsnipandtoffee

    Corn on the cob

    Oh, maybe i won't give it to him either.:? The gerbils at school are fed on rat food, which has corn in it, theydon't seem too keen to be honest. Maybe I'll just give it to the birds.
  4. parsnipandtoffee

    Corn on the cob

    I might try the birds actually, good idea. Weopened one of the packs before I thought about not giving it to theboys. I'll put it on the shed roof tomorrow and see what happens. I'm assuming it's OK for the gerbil but there's a linit to what he can eat! LOL
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    Corn on the cob

    I thought so Thankyou. I'll put it on eBay for someone with a furry rodent.
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    Corn on the cob

    Please can you tell me if dried corn on the cob is bad for rabbits! I've looked on the bunny 101 food thread but lots of the sites are American and sometimes things have different names. We bought dried corn cobs from a big chain pet shop and they have apicture of a rabbit on the front but...
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    Happy families

    Oh what gorgeous bunnies, I hate to think what they must have done to your garden. We have to and they much all my plants. Naughty bunnies!:D
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    I've hurt my toffee :(

    Thanks everyone, I know it's agessinceI started this post but we were going away the next dayand have just come back. I used the flour on Toffee's nail and it worked fine, I think we were more upset than he was!!! I shall try the flashlight thing next time and see how it goes. Thankyou :D
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    I've hurt my toffee :(

    A thousand thankyous. I wiped it again and we put flour on it, it's stopped now. He doesn't seem phased, it's just us that seem to be bothered. I think I'll be up in the night checking in him! I've got to do Parsnip's now (agghhhh) at least his are white and pink! Phew Rxx
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    I've hurt my toffee :(

    Hi guy's I've not posted on here for ages but still read posts. We cut toffee's nails tonight (I held, paul chopped) and he's cut hisquick. He didn't flinch at all but it's bleeding really bad. We wipedit with water and an antiseptic wipe, and he gave it a lick. (Toffeenot paul) but it's still...
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    Why is my bunny grumpy?

    My heart bunny Parsnip, is the cutest little manever, he is really loving and happy and loves nothing better than tocome out and play. Over the past week though he's been a real grump, and quite nasty.Because of where my boys are we have to lift them out of the hutch,this has never bothered him...
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    chocolate lab names?

    I like Inca for a dark coloured dog.
  13. parsnipandtoffee

    Toy Question

    My boys aren't too keen on plastic, only destroyable things! Vine balls, willow balls/twigs and straw plaits are their favourites. I also got Parsnip a sand pit, he loves it. It's a shallow tray with childrens play sand in it. He's quite funny becuase he arranges it all neatly and if you mess...
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    Went in for asthma, came out with a tumor

    Ooh What a rubbish trip to the doctors!!! I hope you feel lots better soon and that the doctor finds out what's wrong. I think 2 weeks is a good thing, it probably means that he's not too concerned about it. Good luck x
  15. parsnipandtoffee

    Toffee and the teddy?

    This is a really daft question but I'm sure someone will know the answer! I've read in lots of places that rabbits sometimes like to have a teddy bear as a friend so that they don't get lonely. Parsnip is a really sociable little man but toffee is a little shy. I noticed that he seemed to...
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