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    Is this a chesnut agouti?

    I agree that he's very light in color for a chestnut agouti. Possible amber (chocolate agouti).
  2. pamnock

    What color am I ?

    Might be an opal. Would have a blue-gray topcoat, fawn intermediate band, slate blue under-color and blue-gray eyes.
  3. pamnock

    Is there a way to tell?

    An expert palpater may be able to feel. The uterine horns have a putty-like feel and horseshoe-type shape.
  4. pamnock

    Sexing Young Rabbit

    Most certainly a buck :D
  5. pamnock

    SUPPOSED to purchase holland lops..

    Rabbits don't have to go to any shows to be registered, but must be at least 6 months old and have a full pedigree.
  6. pamnock

    What colour are these?

    A cchl c would have to be a shaded. Most likely a sable. If the eyes are blue gray when it gets older, blue sable.
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    SUPPOSED to purchase holland lops..

    She may be legit, but for such a long drive, I'd give an ultimatum NOW. Photos - or cancel. My intuition is telling me that the rabbits are probably not worth the drive.
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    Homemade Wheelchair for Paralyzed Bunny?

    There are a lot of videos on Youtube to give you some ideas.
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    Pen Pals rabbit pellets question :)

    If you are able, there's not reason why you can't add a few veggies to give the rabbits some variety in their diet.
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    White puss filled spot on penis of rabbit.

    I've noticed that in some cases, vent disease pimples are yellowish and don't pop well. The pimples not caused by vent disease are generally white and clear up after carefully poking with pin and draining.
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    Is 10 degrees too cold?

    A box full of hay or straw for bunns to snuggle into gives excellent insulation on very cold nights.
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    urgent advice needed - shedding dry skin

    Dry white flakes usually indicate fur mites. Fur loss with a well defined border on skin could be a fungal infection. Because rabbits often sit with their ears back over their neck (which holds in heat/moisture) a bacterial infection can develop. I would consider treating for fur mites due to...
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    Why is its fur doing this??

    Double mane Lions have that fur pattern as young kits. It's where the heavier skirt will grow in. http://www.welshrabbitry.com/rabbitfaq.html#offspring
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    Diarreah or Urine? HELP!

    Can't view the photo, but is probably normal urine. If the bunn is active and eating/drinking, I wouldn't be concerned.